You Know Your A Blogger When

When you are a blogger often times all you find yourself thinking about is blogging! When you aren’t writing a post you are either, thinking about one, promoting or talking to other bloggers on social media! Finding inspiration is hard when writer’s block hit’s and often times when that happens we may find ourselves in other people’s blogs trying to get some inspiration but more often than not that inspiration never strikes!  Blogging is hard and for all of you, blogger’s out there you know the struggle so here are a few things that I hope only bloggers will understand. I hope you enjoy!

  • You don’t have downtime!– For those of you who have a full or part-time job, I don’t know how you do it because I am unemployed and fully dedicated to my blog and I barely have any downtime! People don’t realize how much time it takes to create content and promote our blogs and to do that with a job is something I could not even imagine. If you are blogging with a full or parttime job I applaud you because I know it can’t be easy.
  • When your friends and family are talking you can’t help but think how can I turn that into a blog post?- Writer’s block is real and people like myself who write multiple times a week may struggle with it more than others! You better believe we are analyzing your conversations to see if you are saying anything useful that we can use in a blog post!
  • You have dozens of friends you have never actually met- I couldn’t even begin to tell you about all the amazing people that I have met through blogging! In all honesty, most of them I have never met and probably never will and the people I have met I probably could count on one hand!
  • Regularly wake up in the middle of the night with blog post ideas- I am always tired! Why? I always get my best ideas at like 4.a.m but instead of jotting the idea down I feel the need to write the whole post out at that moment! I am always afraid that if I wait a few hours I will forget any ideas I had earlier that morning.
  • Check your stats before you get out of bed- More often than not I have nightmares that my blog failed so I have to check my stats to reassure me that didn’t happen! You better believe before I even have coffee I am checking my blog stats! How my blog is doing is my number one priority what can I say I am obsessed!
  • You take pictures of everything!– Pictures are probably one of the most important things in a blog! Your images more often than not are what get people to click on your blog so, make them beautiful! Nine times out of ten people will not click on a blog that does not have a catchy title or beautiful images so, make those images pop! I often find myself taking pictures of everything and even though it may seem stupid you never know it could be usable in a blog post!
  •  Have impeccable planning skills- Bloggers are all too familiar with the dreaded writer’s block that they kind of expect it! Most bloggers plan their posts ahead of time so if writer’s block does strike they have more time to write and if it doesn’t you got it done early it’s a win-win!

Most of my friends and family will not be able to relate to any of these things but hopefully, my blogging friends will! Bloggers, can you relate to any of these things? If so which ones? Do you struggle with one thing more than the other? Did I forget anything that only bloggers understand if so please leave them in the comments below.

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