Alternative Fitness Trends You May Have Not Tried

This is a sponsored post that I received a small compensation for. I am sharing this with you because I felt it could benefit you in some way. 

When most people hear the words workout or fitness the first thing that comes to mind is walking, running or treadmill workouts and that immediately discourages them from starting any type of workout routine. Starting a new fitness routine can be intimidating but there are so many fun and easy ways to get fit. Many people choose the obvious methods to get fit like walking or running but for many that may not be the right thing for them. Here are a few alternative methods that may help you get fit if the traditional methods are not for you. 


If you are disabled kettlebells, or free weight may be the perfect option for you! Kettlebells are just as effective as free weights depending on your goals. Kettlebells are often weighted and balanced balls with a long horizontal grip jutting out around six to ten inches above the weight itself, enough for a handheld. It is also possible to find excellent adjustable kettlebell retailers out there for your personal needs. They offer a fantastic method of building strength, gaining flexibility and working cardio at the same time, and many similar functional exercises to a barbell can be performed. Kettlebell front squats, overhead presses and cleans are just a few examples of industry-adored exercises you can perform with these pieces of equipment. Thanks to their swinging nature, you can control these exercises over a larger range of motion, practice the movements of an exercise without needing a barbel, and perform exercises that your personal anthropometry may have inhibited if using a barbell due to injury or another matter. Although almost anyone can benefit from kettlebells some people with physical disabilities may not benefit as much from kettlebells but may have more of a benefit from free weights! 


Climbing is an excellent form of exercise if you are able to it but for some people with physical disabilities that may not be an option. If are able to climb as a form of exercise rock climbing is a great option! If not consider things like going on a stroll if you are a wheelchair user or putting on your favorite YouTube video. Sometimes when we fall over and over again we may want to quit, don’t!  The satisfaction of completing something you thought you couldn’t is something I can’t even describe to you. So no matter how hard it gets keep trying because the more you try something the better you get at it.

Cardio Variance
A balance of cardio is always best. Why work out only using one form? When many people think of cardio they think there are only a handful of ways to get fit. There are so many ways to get a good cardio workout in and it doesn’t end at walking, treadmill workouts, or running. Looking for some new ways to break a sweat that is different from the traditional methods? HIIT training and swimming are both great forms of exercise so why not give them a try?  If you hit a plateau seriously look at your routine and think to yourself when was the last time I changed my workout? Changing your workout from time to time helps to avoid any plateaus so don’t fear, changing it up from time to time! 

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