How Do You Support A Blogger

Is reading a bloggers post enough to get them noticed? Reading posts helps bloggers increase their engagement but unfortunately, it takes a lot more effort to get noticed. Smaller bloggers have a particularly hard time getting themselves out there because often times they don’t know what to do to take their blog to the next level. Do you want to help my blog go to the next level?  Here are a few simple things you can do to help make that happen. Every bit counts even if it seems small because everyone has to start somewhere. 

Follow them on social media– Like many jobs won’t choose candidates without experience many brands won’t choose bloggers without a large social media following. Many small bloggers are unable to apply for many sponsorships because their social media following is not large enough so if you want to help and increase the chances of them getting a potential job opportunity, follow them on social media!

Comments on their posts/ like their posts- Some days are rough but when a reader leaves me a comment on one of my posts it is so inspiring it reminds me of why I blog. When a blogger applies for a sponsorship opportunity not only do they check your social media following but they also check your blog to see how engaging your audience is. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand followers nine times out of ten if you don’t have an engaging audience you won’t get chosen.

Read their posts- Yes, views are just as important as followers so how do you do that? Read their posts it’s really is that simple!

Send them an encouraging email-  You would be surprised what it takes to make these posts happen so how do you show your appreciation? Send your favorite blogger an encouraging email letting them know that you appreciate what they do. Some bloggers get really discouraged with some of their posts and an encouraging post from one of their readers would make their day. Most bloggers will save encouraging emails to a separate folder so when they are having a bad day they have something uplifting to read. Don’t hesitate to send those encouraging emails!

Share their post- Bloggers spend hours on their posts so why wouldn’t we want you to share it? If we were ashamed of it we wouldn’t have published it? Promoting a blog is hard and you could make it a little bit easier just by simply sharing our posts. Sharing articles in front of new eyes raises the possibility of gaining new followers! Who wouldn’t want that?

Try out a product they’ve been sponsored to promote- One of the best ways you can support a blogger is to try out a product a blogger is being sponsored to promote. If the collaboration is successful it could help increase the credibility of the brand and possibly lead to long-term employment.

Let them know when there is an error- Before I publish a post I check and recheck my blog for errors but because I’m human there could still be errors. If you so happen to come across any errors I may have missed I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know that because this helps me improve my blog!

Follow their blog- You probably are always hearing a blogger say “follow my blog”. But why? How many followers you have is one of the most important things when it comes to getting connected with brands. Some brands will contact bloggers with a low following but nine times out of ten bloggers with the higher following will get chosen over the ones with the lower following! A lot of bloggers have the goal of making their blog a career and you just can’t do that with a small following because companies don’t pay you enough to survive. So, if emailing is your thing then subscribe to their email list it would mean a lot!

There are billions of blogs out there and to beat the competition you have to constantly work hard at it. Many people believe that the work is done after we hit publish I hate to burst your bubble but publishing it only half of it. Every little bit helps and even if you are supporting a blogger in the smallest way possible your support does not go unnoticed. Bloggers, do you have any tips on how the general public can support bloggers I would love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments below.

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