Privileges Abled People Take For Granted

Some tasks an abled person may do without thinking but for some disabled people, those tasks are either not possible or can only be done with assistance. An abled person might view these things as simple tasks but a disabled person who cannot do them may see it a little differently. Here are a few things that I consider privileges but an abled person may not think of it that way.

Going to the bathroom- By the time someone hits their twenties, they usually are going to the bathroom on their own. Some disabled people need assistance in the bathroom and after you hit a certain age it can get embarrassing! Disabled people have to learn how to not let that bother them because some tasks require assistance.

Being unable to go to the bathroom- Have you ever been physically unable to go to the bathroom? Most people will never have to experience this but for some, it is a problem they face very frequently. I personally have faced this problem more times than I would like to admit and let me tell you it’s awful!

Choosing your desired career– Disabled people don’t always have the option of picking a career and going into that field. Sometimes they may not be able to physically do that career so they may have to choose something else. My friend Karly’s first choice was to do something more creative but because of her disability, she was unable to do that so she had to come up with a backup plan.

Driving yourself- Some disabled people cannot drive so they have to rely on public transportation. Public transportation is not the greatest because sometimes they get you to your appointments super early or super late a problem you are in complete control over if you are able to drive.

Cooking meals- If you are disabled and live on your own and have the ability to adapt your home to fit your needs then cooking meals might not be as much of a problem.  If that is not the case you may face a significant amount of challenges while in the kitchen. Some disabled people may be limited on food options in their current situation because the microwave or stove is not accessible for them. Making sandwiches might be the only option and sometimes that gets old!

Dieting- Some disabled people need complete assistance when preparing their meals so making drastic unnecessary dietary changes is a huge inconvenience. There are tons of diets I would love to try but because I have assistance with preparing a majority of my meals it is not an option.

Getting a job– Getting a job harder when you are disabled than if you were abled. An abled person may struggle with finding employment but not as much as a disabled person does. A lot of employers don’t want to pay for necessary accommodations and this makes it harder for disabled people to get a job. Most people with disabilities have to take what they can get and not be too picky! An abled person can be a little less picky when looking for employment because they know they will find one eventually a disabled person may not be as confident.

Whether you agree if these are privileges or not think about this: how many tasks in a day can you do without help? If you are abled you probably can do most things on your own but if you are disabled that may not be the case and you may require assistance for almost everything you do! Most disabled people would love to be able to complete tasks without assistance but a lot of the time that is not an option. It may sound depressing that we are unable to complete so many tasks on our own but we learn to adapt. Being unable to complete tasks on our own is out of our control and getting upset about it is a waste of energy. If you have any questions about privileges that abled people take for granted please leave them in the comments below.

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