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Ten-Year Friendversary


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The pi classroom back in high school was truly a horrible experience but one I could not avoid. Since I can do a lot of things on my own getting help from someone was like pulling teeth. Often times I refer high school as the “years of hell” because there are no good memories about it except for ones that I made with Karly. Meeting Karly made experiences like this bearable so in honor of celebrating ten years of friendship, we did a little Q and A.

How did we meet?- The only time Karly and I crossed paths, was in the PI classroom in between, classes and lunch. I remember meeting Karly during my sophomore year of high school and sitting across the table from her and not really saying anything but I knew it was only a matter of time before one of us started talking!

What is my first impression of Karly?-In high school, Karly had an aide that had to go to every class with her to help her take out her books, take notes, put books away, and to help with any needs that she needed while in class. Although she completely depended on this aide and couldn’t have gotten through high school without the assistance the aide she got was always losing her assignments. Because they were her assignments she got blamed for it but Karly never yelled at the aide she always treated the aide with the respect she deserved. That is when I knew we would be great friends because no matter how many times she complained she treated people with authority with respect and that says a lot about her character.

3 things I associate with Karly

Disney– I don’t know anyone that goes to Disney more than Karly does!

Cuddly animals- Karly loves to cuddle! If it has fur Karly will probably want to cuddle it even if it is not an animal that is supposed to be cuddled like a bear Karly is probably thinking about cuddling it.

Concerts- Before Karly had a job she would go to concerts almost every weekend but now since being employed, she can’t go as often. Whenever a band comes to town that I know she likes I think of her because I know how much she enjoys them.

Friendship goals- In the past we have looked at apartments with hopes of moving out and living together. (We are both aware that is probably never going to happen we just did it so we weren’t so depressed) A more realistic goal is that we both would love to go to Disney together and maybe Karly can get me to do things I would normally never do!

What are my favorite memories?- The first thing that comes to mind is back when we did adaptive PE and we did laps around the track and bounced balls to each other. Neither activity was good for Karly because going around the track was just wasting her battery and a bouncing a ball was difficult and most of the time  I would just hit her in the head. We both often wondered why they made her take that class but since they did we made the best of it and looked at it as a free period and had a lot of laughs. My days were pretty miserable and as pointless as this PE class was I looked forward to it because it was one of the few times I got to catch up on Karly’s life!

What we learned from each other?- After having many friendships not work it was starting to get difficult to trust people.  Karly helped me realize even though I have had many friendships not work out not everyone is that way. She is the most supportive person I know and without her support, my life would probably be a total mess!

It is so crazy that we have been friends for ten years but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! Karly, you have been an amazing friend and I hope we can start seeing more of each other soon! We’ve made it to ten years here is to ten more hope you enjoyed this fun little post about what about our friendship and if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below.

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