Blogging is way more work than most people realize and for most people, it is a huge time hog. The amount of stuff that needs to get done to run a blog can sometimes get overwhelming. Is there a way to save time and get things done more efficiently and quickly? Good news, yes there is! Here are my top time management hacks for bloggers struggling to get stuff done!

Schedule your post-  The amount of time that I spend on social media has doubled since I started blogging. Being plugged in on a couple of different social media platforms will help with growing your blog! Manually making posts on every social media account I am on would take forever so to save time I schedule them. Buffer and Tweetdeck are some of my favorite scheduling tools and I would highly recommend them.

Write posts a couple of days in advance- When you write posts the day you need to publish you may feel rushed. It is much more relaxing to write a couple of days in advance because then you aren’t rushed and there is time to make changes if you would like.

Look for guest bloggers-  Blogging can be very stressful to make it a little less stressful why not look for guest bloggers! Allowing guest bloggers gives you a break every once in a while from writing posts and helps you to get more stuff done.

Stop compulsively checking your stats– Yes, you want to know how well your blog is doing but you don’t want to do it every five minutes. Chances are it’s not going to change every five minutes. It’s unhealthy to check your stats that often so if you feel the urge to do so walk away from your computer and do something that will distract you from your blog stats.

Learn to say no thank you- People will come to you and ask you to promote their content or maybe even sell a product for them. If you disagree with what they are selling tell them no, a better opportunity may come along don’t waste all your time with commitments you don’t even want to follow through with.

Install Grammarly- For some grammar is not their strength let Grammarly help! Grammarly corrects your grammar as you go so no worries if you missed a few grammatical errors. Some viewers will not read your blog if you have a bunch of grammatical errors so it is very important that you check for them.

Check your emails daily- Some bloggers can get an overwhelming amount of emails. To avoid getting too stressed check your email daily so your email list doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Schedule work and play time- Blogging should not all about work and no play. If that is the case you are taking the fun out of blogging and may eventually become burnt out. Schedule working hours and relaxing hours that way things don’t get too overwhelming! After all, life is all about balance!