Throughout my lifetime I have learned many things that have not only strengthened my friendships but made me a happier person in general. Here are a few life lessons I have learned so far:

Friendships aren’t everything- If a friend is making you feel bad about yourself, they aren’t worth your time. There is no sense in hanging out with someone who just cares about themselves. Friendships are a two-way street if they can’t meet you the other half way it probably won’t work.

Research- The Internet makes it so easy to quickly get information but that doesn’t mean that information is always accurate. Never believe everything you read on google because not all of it will be true do the proper research so you can get correct accurate information!

There is no shame in being wrong- Yes, everyone is wrong from time to time. Don’t be that person that feels like they have to be right all the time because no one is.

Go to bed early- If you go to bed early then you will get up earlier and will get more done the next day allowing you to be more productive.

Accept change- No one like change, but you need to learn to accept it because it’s bound to happen. If you have a better attitude about it it will make it a lot easier and make you alot happier.

Don’t strive for perfection-  No one is perfect, so stop trying to be. It takes too much energy to try to make everything perfect. You will be a much happier person if you just accept you will make mistakes.

Be kind-  If you see someone that is struggling with something help them. Volunteer work is also a great way to help a lot of people in the community if you have time for it.

Your health is your wealth-  Like anything else, you need to take care of your health physical and mental!

Don’t do things that make you unhappy-  If something that is meant to be fun isn’t anymore, just stop doing it. You don’t have to continue anything you don’t enjoy(I’m not talking about things like maintaining mental or physical health, that is not always meant to be fun)

Declutter- Do you have a bunch of stuff you don’t even use? Get rid of it! People that are very disorganized tend to have more stress than people that are very organized.

Don’t fall out with friends over politics-  It’s so stupid to lose friends over politics. If you have differences and simply can’t talk politics without an argument, just choose a different topic.

Travel- Yes, I would love to travel the world, in reality, I can’t. In all honesty, the only people that really travel the world are people that do it for a living. Most people visit cool places but don’t travel the world.

These are just a few life lessons that I have learned over the course of my life. What life lesson have you learned? I would love to hear them please leave them in the comments below.