When You’re Disability Has Been Represented Wrongly On Social Media

Migraines are not a fashion statement and this is not what it looks like to have a migraine

Have you seen the migraine pose on Instagram? Last month was headache and migraine awareness month but instead of celebrating our migraine and headache warriors Elle magazine decided to mock the migraine community by taking a bunch of selfies of themselves as if they had a migraine. This is representing the migraine community in the wrong way and shouldn’t have been done! If you have been poorly represented because of a disability here are a few things you can do.

Educate- How much do you know about migraines? Migraines are not just a headache and if you think headaches and migraines are the same, thing you may not know very much about migraines. Lucky for you there are so many blogs out there such as The Migraine Mantras that are run by real migraine warriors that will educate you on what it is like to live with migraines. Reading blogs from real migraine warriors will help you understand what living with migraines is really like.

Don’t follow the trends- The migraine pose is the new trend on Instagram but also a bad representation of the migraine community. Migraines are not a trend and never will be and by no means are they flattering. Migraines are very debilitating and sometimes affect your ability to work a job or even function normally. There are many migraine sufferers including myself who were upset by this trend because they know what migraines actually look like. Educate yourself about migraines and don’t follow the trends!

Stick with what you know– Putting your hands on your temples doesn’t even come close to what it is like to experience a migraine. When I experience a migraine, I have to sit in a dark room and wait until it passes and sometimes that doesn’t even work! If you are going to take a selfie resembling a disability or illness at least be familiar with that disability so you don’t misrepresent that community.

Fundraiser- There are a lot of headache and migraine disorders that are still not understood. If you want to help start a fundraiser and donate it towards, headache and migraine disorders.

The thought behind this was probably “I want a good selfie” not that they are representing the migraine community in a bad way. If they knew they were representing the migraine community in a bad way I am sure they would not have done it. Spreading awareness by providing real accurate information is the best way you can represent the disabled community. Even though somebody does not look disabled does not mean they aren’t because there are a lot of disabilities that are invisible. Never assume somebody is not disabled just because they look fine but instead help spread awareness to the many disabilities out there. If you don’t know anything about disabilities that is okay just don’t follow the trends it is frowned upon by those who really have disabilities. Learn from people who are disabled you can’t do anything more! If you have any questions about what to do if your disability is represented wrongly please leave them in the comments below!

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