Activities That Are Not The Same For The Disabled

Sometimes I will go somewhere or do something with my sisters just to have bonding time. In reality, it’s just not the same for me because of my disability! Saying no every time they ask me to hang out is just selfish because even though I may not be having as much fun I am still hanging out with them. I will share a few activities that are just not the same for a person with a disability.

Travel- A lot of abled people might love to travel, but if you are disabled it could be the very opposite. In my opinion, traveling is very stressful! Don’t get me wrong I love visiting family, but I don’t like traveling to get there! Some hotels are not accessible for a person with a disability and when I go to them, I have a lot of difficulty attending to my everyday needs. Sometimes things like their bathrooms are so small I can barely fit my body into them which makes it a lot harder to attend to my everyday needs! I am pretty independent and can do most things on my own, but somebody who was more dependent on somebody else would not be able to use a bathroom that small!

Aquatics/Beach- When I go to the beach and ride on a boogie board I spend more effort getting on and staying on than I actually do enjoying the experience. Having someone help me does not make this more enjoyable it just may make it safer. When I swim I only use my upper body I do not kick my legs at all they are just there for the ride! Some people with disabilities are unable to swim at all like my friend Karly. If Karly wanted to get in a pool it would take a lot of work to get her in so she doesn’t go very often. She can’t float on her back because her body has too many muscle contractions and she can’t lay flat because so she can’t relax her body enough. If you are abled you probably have used a diving board or jumped in a pool at some point in your life, a person with a physical disability most likely can’t do that and just find stuff like that annoying!

Theme parks- If you are abled you probably love theme parks because of the rides! If you have a physical disability, there is a good chance you can’t go on a lot of the rides unless you are able to do a transfer that some people are unable to do. My friend Karly is unable to go on any rides that require you to do any transfers that is why she chooses Disney! Disney has a lot of options where you don’t have to go on a bunch of rides that require transfers! I personally can do a transfer onto a ride if I had to but I don’t like fast roller coasters and a lot of abled people do! Before I go to a theme park with an abled person I make sure they weren’t going to go on a bunch of rollers coasters I couldn’t go on. If you don’t communicate that before you go to a theme park you will be very bored.

Exercise– An abled person can just go to the gym and just start working out. A person with a physical disability may not be able to do that. They may either not be able to work out at all or have to spend a lot of time planning their work out to avoid injury. Before I work out I spend about an hour finding the right work out to avoid any injury!

These are just a few activities that are not the same for a disabled person than they are for an abled person. I still do these activities they are just not as enjoyable when you are disabled and sometimes that is what you have to do. Even though something is not as fun, but you are capable of doing it. If you are disabled you will struggle with some things and that is okay just try to make the best of it. If you have any questions about activities that are not the same for the disabled, please leave them in the comments below.

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