Advice For The Newly Disabled

When you are abled and then suddenly you become disabled it can be a huge adjustment because there may be a lot of things you have to relearn. This may cause you to become depressed because what was easy before is now very difficult. I have been disabled since birth so I will give you a few tips on how you can make your life easier if you are newly disabled.

Timing-  If you are newly disabled give yourself some extra time to get ready in the morning! Things like getting dressed may take longer so that extra time will help make it so you aren’t late for any important meetings or appointments!

Community- If you are newly disabled, you may become depressed because there may be some things you want to talk about but your abled friends just won’t understand. That is why finding a community of people who also are disabled is so beneficial because they will understand and they may be able to provide tips and help you feel better!

Falling- People can be rude and sometimes they will purposely flip your chair to get a reaction from their friends! In the past, I have had people flip my chair because they wanted to get a reaction from their friends! Little did they know every time they have done this I have seen who did it so if I wanted to I could confront them but it is never worth it because most likely things will not change! Doing stuff like this is wrong because you can seriously hurt somebody, there are some people who are not experts at falling so they would not know what to do! If you are a wheelchair user and are able to always put your hands out this will make it so you won’t get hurt and if you do it makes it so you won’t get hurt as bad. Flipping someone’s chair is incredibly dangerous because some people can’t put their hands and you could seriously injure them.

Ask for help– There may be some things that you are not able to do when you became disabled that you were able to do when you were abled. Don’t fear, asking someone for help no one is judging you.

Move- When you are a new wheelchair user, you want to try and move around as much as possible. Having everyone do things for you is not benefiting you in any way so unless you are unable to do the task try to not ask for help. If you ask for help every time something is a little bit challenging you will become dependent on others.

Adapt- When you were abled things were probably a lot easier than they will be when you are disabled. You may have to adapt some things to make your life a little bit easier. Adapting does not end at ramps, making lower shelves and getting a shower chair are just a few examples of how you can adapt your home! Ramps are great if you are a wheelchair user, but there are so many other ways to adapt your home as well!

Rude people- A lot of the time if you are in a wheelchair or walk with crutches people will stare at you try to ignore it this happens to almost everybody who is physically disabled! If someone is staring at you and you’re bothered by it you can always go up to them and educate them, but you don’t have to because they are not entitled to know how you became that way. If someone asks how you became disabled, you don’t have to tell them if you’re uncomfortable with it!

Small Spaces- There are going to be small spaces that you are unable to get through. Before you attempt to go through them decide whether or not you will be able to fit through them. This way you will not get stuck because you went through a space that was too small!

If you are struggling to adapt to the new lifestyle of being disabled talk to someone who has been disabled their whole life they may be able to give you some tips on things you would not have thought of. If you are a newly disabled wheelchair user, you may get frustrated at times because things that weren’t difficult before are now. It is going to take time to adjust to the new lifestyle change so don’t expect to become an expert overnight! Do you have any tips for the newly disabled please leave them in the comments below!

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