Blogging Goals For 2018

At the end of July, I started this blog which has done fairly well but in order for it to continue to grow, I need to set goals! I will share a few of my blogging goals for the coming year!

Traffic- How many people visit your website? Traffic is very important when growing a blog because without traffic there is no blog. My blog has gotten fairly good traffic, but this coming year I am going to try to improve even further!

Content- My primary concern is not how fast can I get views! It is creating great content because I think that is the most important part of a blog. If I write something and I don’t absolutely love it, I will not post it. Posts that are just okay is not acceptable and are not published.

Readers- I write my blog for my readers and without them, there would be no blog!Some of the readers may only read a post of mine once and never come back. That is not my target audience. My goal is to find readers that come back more than one time. Some readers faithfully read all of my posts, and that is my target audience! I am hoping to find more of those types of people. I enjoy writing these posts as much as I hope people enjoy reading them!

Connections- There is more to blogging than just making blog posts. If you want growth, you also need to connect with other bloggers and that is something I really have not done. I am going to commit to doing just that at least once a week!

Organization- When writing blog posts, I usually don’t think of a topic until the day I have to write one. Doing it that way can be very stressful because if I don’t come up with one, I can’t make a post! I have failed to come up with a topic before because of last-minute preparation. I plan on brainstorming a bunch of topics so when I go to write I don’t have the problem of not having a topic.

Email subscribers/ followers- My traffic is good, but my email subscribers or followers could be better. This coming year I am going to focus on getting more followers. Yes, traffic is important for growth but so is having followers. How am I goingto get more followers? Talking to different people will get you more followers. Not by forcing them to follow you! Pressuring someone to follow you might actually do the opposite. You might actually lose followers!

Having clear set goals is a good thing to do just make sure they are achievable. If they are unachievable that is when you set yourself up for failure. A lot of people fail when they set goals because they set goals that aren’t realistic. If you set an achievable goal you are setting yourself up for success as long as you keep at it. If you don’t achieve a goal, that is okay! Set a new one or try again! The most important thing is to never give up. If you have any questions about what my blogging goals are please leave them in the comments below.


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