Bullies? Why You Shouldn’t Be One

Have you ever been bullied? Well, I have. There is a right way to handle bullies and a wrong way. If you handle them in the wrong way you will most likely make your situation worse. Here are my suggestions for handling bullying situations.

Cyberbullies –These are just bullies that are mean to you on the internet so do not take it personally. Spreading rumors online that isn’t true is bullying. It might not seem like a big deal but it is not right so, don’t do it. If, someone has done it to you report it. If you are running your own business and people are saying hurtful things that could hurt your business all you have to do is delete the comment.

Physical bullying- I have a personal experience with this. When I was in school I had a girl who hit me every day. It was to the point I had bruises on my arms. But I was too scared to say anything to my parents because I was afraid of her. If you ever experience this, you just need to tell your parents or an adult you trust. You don’t need to call that bully out. There are times you do want to stand up for yourself but sometimes it isn’t worth it. In my situation, since I have a disability I am not as fast so I could not defend myself as well. If you have children and they start acting differently it may be because they are being bullied. Try and talk to them to see if you can try to find the root of the problem.

Verbal bullying – Anytime you directly call someone a name or say something hurtful that is called verbal bullying. People have done that to me several times. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called stupid because I have a learning disability, and no a learning disability does not equal stupidity. How do you handle this situation? Sometimes you just have to let them say what they want. Arguing with someone who is clearly just bullying you is going to go nowhere. Under any circumstances, you can’t get upset. The moment you get upset, you are giving the bully what they want. Even if you are upset you can’t let the bully see you are because they will keep on calling you names if you give them the reaction they wanted. If, they see it hasn’t upset you they will most likely won’t continue.

Bullying is wrong and needs to be stopped. You just have to know that if you ever have been bullied that they say these mean things because they are insecure about themselves. Just make sure you never are the bully because these things are hurtful. If you ever encounter physical bullying make sure, you report it. because that is wrong. You need to be brave and tell someone you trust because it won’t stop if you don’t and you will regret it if you let it go. These are just a few forms of bullying that I personally encountered and some tips may not work for everybody. The bottom line is if you are in serious trouble report it. If you have any questions about bullying please leave them in the comments below.

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