During a hurricane, there will be power outages so, what do you do? One thing you do not want to do during a hurricane is panic. If you do so happen to lose power finding something fun to do maybe a little bit challenging and take a little bit more creativity but it can be done. If you are out of power and wondering how you can stay entertained until your power comes back on here are a few of my favorites.

Do art project– Preferably ones that aren’t messy especially if you have no power. You don’t want to use all your water on dirty hands if you can help it.

Read a book Most people do not have generators so reading during the day might be your best option. If you do not have a generator you do not want to use any flashlights to read. Using flashing lights will use all your batteries and then when you actually need them you won’t have any.

Family Bonding Time If you don’t see your family very often during a hurricane is the perfect time to have family bonding time and catch up on everyone’s lives.

Play charades- If you like acting you will love this game the only trick is you cannot speak while playing because that is cheating. If you have nothing to do charades is the game for you it also can be very entertaining because not everyone is good at it.

Play 20 questions- For those of you who are not familiar with this game you pick an object in the room you are in and everyone tries to guess what that object is, but they only have 20 questions to do so.

Hum a tune/ sing a song Not everyone knows the lyrics to very many songs if that is the case you can hum a tune and have people guess what it is. If you are with people who are good with songs, you can sing a part of a song and have them guess what song it is.

Scrabble- Many people like this game when there is power, but this is perfect without power if you have the game I suggest taking it out if you are bored. Another reason, this game is a good choice is that if you are playing with someone who is highly competitive it may take a while.

Practice Yoga– There are many types of yoga some are more intense than others. I highly recommend doing a relaxing version of yoga because you do not want to get all sweaty if you have no power.

Hurricanes are very serious so, don’t do anything stupid. If you are told to evacuate, you are told that for are for a reason. Chances are if you don’t, and something happens you will be stuck. Saving yourself is more important than saving your stuff because stuff can be replaced you cannot. Safety always comes first! Don’t do anything that would put you or anyone else in danger. If you have any questions on fun things do during a hurricane, please leave them in the comments below!