When it comes to friendships you want someone who will always be there for you no matter what. Sometimes you will run into someone who I call a fake friend. Those are people who are trying too hard for acceptance or care just about themselves. How can you tell the real ones from the genuine ones? There are a few characteristics of a fake friend to look out for so I will explain a few.

They care only about themselves- Talking about yourself with your friends is okay but you need to let them do the same. I was friends with someone who only talked about herself whenever I changed the subject she got bored and changed it back because we weren’t talking about her. Communication is key in a friendship. When I confronted her about this problem and asked her to talk about something else she didn’t see a problem. She claimed we talked about other things.

Finances- I have had friends in the past that were only friends with me because they had no money and I did. The only reason they were friends with me was so they could make me feel bad so I could pay for stuff. There plan never worked though! I had an old friend that would call me in the middle of the night claiming she had medical bills that she couldn’t afford to pay asking me for insane amounts of money. If I didn’t give it to her she would get mad and call me a liar and say I did have it and just didn’t want to give it to her.

Drama Queen- A fake friend will take a small problem and turn it into a huge deal. Why? They love attention! An old friend of mine applied for a job that she was not qualified for and told me about it. She didn’t do any research on the job before she went on the interview, so I told her before you go on an interview you need to research the company and ask questions so your time is not wasted. She got mad and claimed I was jealous that she got an interview and I didn’t. She got an interview to a position I never would have wanted so no, I was not jealous. In reality, she just wanted to create drama and probably was not really that angry.

Honesty- Have you ever had a friend that just can’t tell the truth if their life depended on it? They may be trying too hard to impress you and feel like they have to make up a bunch of stuff to do it. If that is the case you have two choices: end the friendship or let them know you like them just the way they are.

Determining who your real friends are usually doesn’t take long because the fake ones try too hard. Your real friends accept you the way you are. In my experience, I have more fun hanging out with my real friends as opposed to the ones that are just acting. If you have any questions about fake friends please leave them in the comments below.