When you have a learning disability, it can be very difficult to try to learn new things and it is even more difficult if you don’t have the right teacher. Having a learning disability does not mean you are unteachable it just means it may take longer for you to master a skill. When trying to teach a person with a learning disability, there are certain things you need to keep in mind or they will never learn!

Don’t scream- I personally don’t know many people who don’t mind being yelled and screamed at when they are trying to learn a new skill. Why should it be any different when you are teaching someone with a learning disability? When you are trying to teach a person with a learning disability and you are having a difficult time yelling at them is not going to make the material magically click. All that is going to do is cause them to get upset and possibly give up!

Be patient- If you are trying to teach someone with a learning disability a new skill, it may take a little longer than it would for someone without one. Be patient when trying to teach them the new skill especially when they get stuck because chances are they are just as frustrated as you are! If the person you are trying to teach has gotten so frustrated, they are about to give up try taking a five to ten-minute break to help them refocus.

Try different methods– Not everybody learns in the same way so when you explain something to a person with a learning disability and they don’t understand you explain it in a different way! When someone is trying to explain something to a person with a learning disability but they are having difficulty repeating the exact same thing but in a louder tone is not going to help it is only going to cause frustration.

Find a qualified professional– A lot of the time when you are in school you may be placed in a classroom with a teacher that is not trained to teach kids with learning disabilities. If this happens, ask to be transferred to a different class with a different teacher who is qualified in teaching kids with learning disabilities.

Resources for college- College is very fast-paced and if you have a learning disability that may make it so learning new material is more challenging for you so it may take you more time to get a grasp on the material. Sometimes you may not have more time to try to understand the material so you may have to go to tutoring. Tutoring is not always helpful for those with learning disabilities while in college because most tutors are not trained in teaching people with learning disabilities.  College was not an option for me for this reason but more resources could have made it possible!

Some things may get difficult because of your learning disability, but that does not mean you should give up! Finding the right teacher is the most important part when it comes to improving on a skill. If you have been unable to find the right teacher that is okay just enjoy the journey and keep trying! If you have any questions about how to help someone with a learning disability please leave them in the comments below.