How Blogging Helped My Anxiety

I have had anxiety for several years but right before I started blogging I noticed it was starting to get worse. I knew something had to change so I decided to start blogging to see if it would help! I will explain how blogging has helped me cut my anxiety levels in half!

Forces you to talk to new people- Talking to new people has always been a struggle for me and in years past I have avoided it like the plague! Unless I had to I would not go up to a complete stranger and start a conversation because it gave me anxiety. My anxiety was getting to a level where I refused to even talk to a salesman at a store unless I had no choice. For example, when I was shopping with Karly, I wanted something that was on the top shelf and instead of asking the salesman who was just a few feet away I called Karly’s mom who was on the other side of the store. Her mom did come and get it for me but asking the salesman would have been way faster! Blogging has helped me overcome this fear because in order for your blog to grow you must talk to people you don’t know! Talking to new people can sometimes still be difficult but it has been a lot easier since I do it more frequently.

Realized my strengths- Before blogging, I was convinced I was good at nothing! Not being able to find a job and being unable to get a college degree can sometimes lead to depression. I started to become depressed so that is when I knew something had to change! Blogging has helped me realize my strengths and reduce some of my anxiety! Sometimes when we see people get college degrees and jobs that we are unable to get it can cause depression so if you get depressed because of that try something new. Your friends may have a college degree and a job that you may never be able to get but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good at anything!

Time management- When it comes to writing blogs having good time management skills is very helpful! I have never had very good time management skills but since I started blogging I have developed them! In the past, I have never really had a reason to stick to a schedule because there was nothing I really needed to do. Since blogging I am a huge fan of them because it keeps me organized and less stressed!

Friends– Making friends is more difficult when you have a disability because some people have a hard time accepting it. Over the last couple of years, I have been struggling to make friends and that has caused depression and increased anxiety. Since blogging I have been a happier person because I have made friends who have accepted me for who I am.

I have had anxiety for several years and there have been some events that I have been unable to go to or they just aren’t as fun. Blogging has made these events a little more enjoyable! If you find that you are unhappy, do something about it in order to create change, you must make a change! If I never started blogging my anxiety would be out of control! If you have any questions about how blogging has significantly reduced my anxiety please leave them in the comments below!

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