How Can I Entertain Yourself Without Getting On Social Media?

Nowadays because of social media, a lot of people do not know how to entertain themselves when they don’t have it. If you spend too much time on social media you will miss out on the greater joys of life and possibly get depressed! Here are some things you can do that do not involve you getting on social media so this does not happen!

Have a conversation- I don’t mean to have a conversation through Facebook, have one face to face! Nowadays with everyone having smartphones people are just texting each other and not having a real conversation! When you don’t make a habit of having a real conversation with someone it is very difficult when you have to.  Sometimes things can get misread through Facebook chat but if you are having a face to face conversation you can explain yourself!

Go outside-  If you have kids instead of giving them your cell phone or iPad to play a game let them play outside! If you do not have kids go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air!

Take an art class– If you are able to get creative in an art class it will help you de-stress and meet new people!

Go shopping- If you don’t get to see your friends very often call them and see if they are available and if they are go shopping together and catch up!

Read- So many people are too busy updating their Instagram that they don’t read any books! When someone tells me they hate reading I always tell them you just haven’t found the right author because if you did you wouldn’t be saying that! You aren’t going to find that author if you don’t go to the library and pick different books out and see what you like! Updating your Instagram is not going to help you find what interests you!

Be productive-  Instead of getting on Facebook or Instagram for several hours do something productive that actually needs to be done! Sometimes we don’t realize how long we are on social media so we never get time to do productive things because it got too late!  The list of things you have to do will just grow so instead of putting it off why don’t you just do a few of those things instead of spending the day on social media!

Play a game- Games are a lot of fun and they don’t require you to get on social media to play them! Play whatever your family enjoys because if you are having a lot of fun you won’t be tempted to check your social media accounts!

There is nothing wrong with getting on social media but knowing how to entertain yourself without it can be very helpful! Smartphones have made it so you don’t really need to have a face to face conversation with somebody you can just text them. You will never really be able to get to know somebody through a text but you will be able to through a face to face conversation. That is why it is important to not always resort to texting people especially if you have had a disagreement because texts can get misread and make the problem worse! How do you entertain yourself without using social media?

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