As we get closer to Christmas break you may have to prepare for exams which can be very stressful. Getting too stressed out can cause some serious health problems. How do you manage stress? I will show you how I manage my stress when I have limited time to get stuff done.

Manage your time If you know you have a big test coming up try studying a couple of days in advance. If you wait until the night before the test until you start to study it will raise your stress levels because you have a bunch of material you have to cover and only a limited amount of time to do it. You can never plan on when the INTERNET is going to go out! If you are doing everything the night before and the INTERNET goes out there is a good chance you won’t get everything done.

Stay away from the fridge- When we are stressed we have a tendency to eat anything we can get our hands-on. Instead of eating mindlessly pick a filling snack and munch on it. Most importantly stay away from the fridge that will lead to mindlessly eating. Mindless eating will not only contribute to weight gain but will also make you feel sick afterward.

Write it down- What is causing you stress? If you make a journal of all the things that are causing you stress and how you felt it will be easier to find solutions for these things.

Limit caffeine- If you are super stressed drinking coffee is probably not a good idea. Caffeine raises your heart rate and if you are super stressed that can trigger a panic attack.

Physical activity- Exercise boosts your endorphins which reduces stress hormones. I personally love to do Pilates when I am stressed! It doesn’t matter what you do just get moving if you can! If you are in a wheelchair and are unable to do any physical activity just going outside and getting some fresh air will reduce your stress levels.

Watch a movie- Watch your favorite movie! It will put you in a better mood which will result in lower stress levels.

Breathe- Yelling and screaming at everyone around you is not going to get something done faster! It is only going to make them not want to do anything for you. If you find yourself doing that take a mental break from whatever you’re doing. It could be as simple as just closing your eyes for a second to refocus.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to get done because we aren’t sure if we will be able to finish it all. Procrastinating tasks usually will lead to high-stress levels because you will have a huge list of all the tasks you put off because you didn’t feel like doing them. Take it one task at a time! If you have any questions about how I manage stress, please leave them in the comments below.