How To Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is very important for your overall well-being, so if you are unable to get proper rest it will affect your brain and cognitive function. When you aren’t getting the proper sleep you are not as alert as you normally would be so it will probably be more difficult to get stuff done! Sometimes you may try to fall asleep but are unable to I will give you some tips on how you can fall asleep when you have insomnia so you can get the proper rest that you need!

Turn off devices- An hour before you go to bed get off your phone and turn off the TV and do something that will help you to relax and shut down! For me when I watch TV it keeps me awake because I feel like I have to watch until the end and if I am really tired and I am watching TV I will force myself to stay awake. The only way to avoid staying up all night is to turn off the TV! Some people have no problem sleeping with the TV on but if you are having problems falling asleep I suggest trying and turning off the TV before you go to bed!

Avoid taking naps- If you have a serious problem with falling asleep at night and take really long naps the problem could be that your naps are too long and you aren’t tired when it comes time to go to bed. You can solve this problem by either not taking a nap during the day or take a fifteen to twenty-minute power nap to help you recharge.

Listen to music- Whenever I try to fall asleep, I always listen to music it helps me to fall asleep! I would recommend listening to something that is more relaxing that may help you fall asleep as opposed to hardcore rock music!

Exercise smart- If you have trouble falling asleep and you exercise shortly before you go to bed that may be the reason you are having trouble falling asleep! Exercise boosts serotonin in the brain and decreases levels of cortisol. Exercising at night may make you more alert than sleepy! Light exercise at night is okay, but anything high intensity may make you more alert! Some people are able to workout at night without a problem, but some people are not you just have to know what is best for you!

Get out of bed- If you are unable to fall asleep within 20 minutes or so get out of bed and start to do something else! I have done this multiple times and once I get up and start to do something else that causes me to get tired and then I go back to bed.

Journaling- Sometimes the reason you are unable to sleep is that you have racing thoughts and your brain can’t shut down! I have this problem a lot when trying to sleep because of my anxiety and you can solve this problem by simply starting a journal. Journaling will allow you to express your thoughts so when it comes time to sleep you won’t have so many racing thoughts!

Try Lavender- If you are into essential oils lavender helps to promote sleep!

If you are noticing you are not able to fall asleep look at your daily routine and see if maybe you are doing something during the day that could be affecting your sleep. You may be surprised at what you may find because sometimes we may do things that could affect our sleeping patterns and not even realize it would. Everybody is different so what affects my sleep may not affect your sleep. If you have any questions about things that can affect your sleep, please leave them in the comments below!

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