How To Help Someone Who Is Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Having a disability can be difficult so, some people feel sorry for themselves and think an abled person’s life is so much better. Avoiding these types of people is not the answer! Here are a few ways to help if you happen to meet someone who feels this way.

Educate- Some disabled people legitimately think they are doomed because they are in a wheelchair or walk with crutches. You need to help them realize their strengths. If you are having trouble doing that you could direct them to somebody who can relate to their condition.

Become their friend- Become their friend! Doing this can also backfire because I tried to become friends with someone who felt sorry for themselves it did not work out. I did everything I could to try to get her to realize to be happy you must embrace your disability but it just didn’t work. You will just meet those kinds of people you can’t change them. You can sure try to help.

Love them- Some disabled people feel that unless you are dating, you are unloved you need to help them realize that is not true.

Physical Appearance- Some disabled people believe that happiness is based on how you look and an abled person’s life is so much better. I have been told there is no way I would look the way I do without spending three hours in the gym. If you think I spend three hours in the gym you would be wrong. I actually don’t work out in a gym at all I workout in my bedroom. I am unable to use ninety percent of the equipment in a gym so I don’t go to them.

The key to happiness is not workouts. If you have that in your head there is something else that is making you unhappy not the inability to workout and exercise isn’t going to fix it. If you ever meet someone who starts complaining about how they are unable to workout try to teach them ways they can stay active. Some people legitimately don’t know how. Like I said earlier if you are unable to help direct them to someone who can.

Not everyone can afford to hire a personal trainer that is why talking to people you know that is in the same boat as you is so beneficial. If you meet someone who actually is physically incapable of working out and starts complaining you need to help them understand workouts are not going to make them a happier person. There are tons of celebrities that suffer from depression they have everything you could possibly want. Physical appearances aren’t everything don’t stress over it if you are unable to do something there is nothing you can do about it. Looking like a celebrity is unrealistic anyways so if that is your goal it shouldn’t be.

You won’t be able to help everyone that feels sorry for themselves some people will remain that way. Trying these tips will at least give you a shot at changing someone’s thinking and possibly helping to embrace their disability. In reality, some disabled people don’t know how and just need a little help to get there. If you have any questions about what do if you meet someone who feels sorry for themselves please leave them in the comments below.

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