How To Kick Your Caffeine Addiction

Do you have a caffeine addiction? If you drink more coffee than you do water you probably do! There is nothing wrong with drinking one or two cups of coffee a day but if you are drinking more coffee than water it can cause some health issues. When I was in high school, I drank seven to eight cups of coffee a day but it wasn’t until I started having health issues that I realized I had a serious problem. Kicking my caffeine addiction was difficult so here are a few steps I took to kick my caffeine addiction.

Find distractions- Have you ever tried to quit drinking coffee and failed because of a craving? If you have a coffee addiction it is going to be hard to give up your coffee because you will always crave it. Finding distractions to help get your mind off that cup of coffee will help with ending your caffeine addiction.

Slow reduction- Cutting out coffee may be difficult so don’t make it harder by trying to quit cold turkey. If you are getting caffeine headaches developing new habits is going to be difficult. To avoid caffeine headaches slowly reducing your caffeine intake will make it easier to stay on track because you will not be getting caffeine headaches.

Find a new beverage- Getting rid of a beverage that you normally would drink every day can be difficult. So you won’t be tempted to go back to your old habits replace your coffee with a different beverage that you can enjoy.

Support system– Do you have any friends that are also trying to cut their caffeine consumption? Everything is more fun with friends so if you have any friends that are trying to quit why not do it with them! Have no one to do it with? That is okay asking a friend to help you stay accountable may help you reach your goals!

Think of the benefits-  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all the health benefits that you can get from drinking coffee? Some people may drink it for the health benefits, but they may not realize if they are drinking too much it is just harmful to your body and not giving you any health benefits.

Get your sleep- Sometimes the reason we are drinking more coffee may be because we aren’t getting enough sleep at night. The days I have insomnia I drink more coffee because I don’t have enough energy to get through the day. Naps are not always an option but if you can go to bed earlier that may help because you will have more energy to get through your day!

Sometimes when you are trying to achieve a difficult goal you may feel discouraged when things get difficult. Giving up is not going to help you achieve your goals so when you want to give up remember why you started! Sometimes we forget why we make certain goals and then when things get difficult we give up! Write it down so when you get discouraged you are reminded of why you started. If you have any questions about how to kick your caffeine addiction please leave them in the comments below!

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