How To Move On When A Long Lasting Friendship Falls Apart

Have you ever been friends with someone for several years and then all of sudden it just falls apart?  Sometimes when this happens it can be very difficult to move on especially if you have been friends with someone for a significant about of time. When I had to end a friendship that lasted seven to eight years it was very difficult for me to move on but I did manage so I will share with you how I did it!

Delete their phone number- If you have their number on your phone you will be tempted to call them and the only way to avoid this is to delete their phone number!

Don’t apologize- If you are not the one who should be apologizing don’t apologize because you want your friendship to be back to normal because chances are it won’t be. I have done this multiple times and it has always backfired! You should always try to repair the relationship but sometimes things just don’t work out and that is okay apologizing for someone else’s actions is not going to fix the problem! If you are always the one to apologize, relationships will never get repaired because you are always taking responsibility for someone else’s actions and the other person will not see any of their faults.

Don’t Facebook stalk- When you end a friendship sometimes you may be tempted to Facebook stalk the person you ended it with this will not help you move on. When you are not friends with someone it does not matter what they are up to. Facebook stalking them is only going to make you angry so I highly suggest you don’t do it! If you have to block them to prevent yourself from Facebook stalking them then do it you are never going to move on, by Facebook stalking them.

Get rid of photos– If your friendship did not end well getting rid of all the photos you have of this friend is going to help. Every time you look at photos of them it is either going to remind you of when you had a good time and maybe, second guess your decision or make you angry! Getting rid of all your photos of this friend will prevent this from happening!

Compromise- When you have an argument both people have to be willing to meet each other halfway. If you are doing your part but your friend isn’t chances are it is not going to work! When this happens the worst thing you can do is blame yourself! You want to try to work through conflict but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

New friends- Ending a friendship can be tough but it isn’t the end of the world so instead of getting depressed and wishing things were different make new friends!

Gossip- Gossiping about your friend is not only wrong but is not going to help you get over them! Doing this is either going to make you regret the decision or make you angry. Sometimes when we gossip about a friend we are no longer friends with we may start to convince ourselves that the relationship can be repaired. If you have done everything you could to try to repair, it chances are it may not be able to be repaired.

Sometimes friendships you think are going to last forever don’t and that is okay, accept it and move on! It is normal to be angry after ending a friendship but eventually, you have to move on from it. Don’t let that person consume your life even after they aren’t a part of it! If you are having trouble with letting go of your anger make a journal and express your feelings. If you have any questions about how to move on when a long-lasting friendship falls apart please leave them in the comments below.

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