How To Stay In Shape On Vacation When Your Disabled

Going on vacation can be fun but at the same time very stressful if you have worked very hard to achieve a goal. Staying in shape on vacation is more difficult when you are disabled than when you are abled. Here are some of the ways I stay in shape when I go on vacation.

Stay active- Doing a workout video is not going to be an option when you are on vacation. Instead of getting depressed that you can’t do a workout video, why not explore the city you are visiting? When you are walking around with friends and family, instead of having them push you, push yourself so you can get a little bit of exercise. If you are unable to push yourself that is okay you can still explore the city with your friends and family. It’s all about having fun, not about how much exercise you got!

Nutrition-If you are physically disabled, you probably won’t be as active as an abled person. That is why nutrition is so incredibly important while you’re on vacation. Be mindful of what you eat when you go on vacation if you are trying to achieve a goal! Drinking sodas every day will just add extra calories. If you can swap a soda for water every once in a while so all your progress has not gone to waste. Drinking soda on vacation isn’t bad and won’t destroy the progress you have made just make sure you aren’t making a daily habit of it!

Have fun- When you are on vacation, the most important thing is to have fun! You should not worry about how many calories you are consuming when you are on vacation because you can get back on track when you get home. If you are too worried about how many calories you are consuming you will get really stressed and won’t be having fun. Vacations should be fun not stressful!

Communication- Sometimes when we are on vacation abled people might do things that a person with a disability might be unable to do. Everyone else might be able to do it but you and you might feel left out and sometimes get depressed about it. I know this has happened to me before. You can address this problem by communicating this to your friends and family. That way when you are on vacation everyone isn’t doing a bunch of stuff you are unable to do. A lot of the time abled people don’t mean to leave you out. They may have chosen an activity that sounded fun to them but in reality, it would be very boring for a disabled person. Some disabled people get really depressed about being unable to do certain activities but when you are on vacation no one should be excluded!

Vacations should be fun! If you are disabled and get depressed about going on vacation because you are worried that all you’re progress that you have made with something will be lost. don’t be. Vacations are usually only for a short period of time and you can get back on track when you return. If you have any questions about how to stay in shape on vacation when your disabled please leave them in the comments below.

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