Importance Of Telling Your Doctor Everything

Sometimes when we go to the doctor, we may be tempted to lie to them because we know we haven’t been doing everything we are supposed to! Lying to your doctor is not a good strategy because in order for them to help you they need to know everything you are doing! Here are some reasons why telling your doctor everything is important in order for you to stay healthy!

Throwing away medication- When a doctor prescribes medication, they prescribe it for a reason! So putting it in a napkin and throwing it in the trash is not helping you. Every mom knows this technique so if you are a child and do this it probably won’t be long before your mom finds out, so I suggest you stop and just take your medication! Most of the time kids will only try to be sneaky and throw out their medication but occasionally there will be a twenty-year-old that does it. You are not doing yourself any favors and if you don’t plan on taking your medication why do you go to the doctor and get a prescription for it?

Honesty- If your doctor asks you if you’re taking, your medication be honest about it! If you go to the doctor and are having medical issues and aren’t taking your medication, tell them that because you don’t want them to think the medication is not working. If your doctor thinks your medication is not working they will probably either increase the dose or put you on something else. If you tell them you have not been taking it chances are they will not do that!

Bad News- If you are having pain it can be nerve-wracking to go to the doctor because it is unclear on whether or not medication can treat or condition or you will need surgery. When your doctor asks you all your symptoms they want to know all of them not just some of them because they can’t give you the best possible care if you are leaving out half of your symptoms. You never know if medication can treat your condition so never ignore a medical problem or assume you will need surgery because it may not be as bad as you thought it was!

Embarrassment- We all slip up sometimes no one is going to judge you for it! Your doctor wants nothing more than to help you and they can’t do that as efficiently if you are telling them you are doing everything right if you really are not! Your doctor will understand that we all slip up sometimes and the most important thing is that you correct the mistake and get back on track to leading a healthy lifestyle so you can feel better! Be honest about everything your doing because your doctor cannot give you an effective pain management plan if you are too embarrassed to admit when you slipped up.

Telling your doctor the truth can really help you to improve your overall health because they will have accurate information! I personally see no point in going if you have no intention of doing what they say. Giving them accurate information can help them prevent a lot of problems that they won’t be able to do if you are lying to them. If you have any questions about why it is important to tell your doctor everything please leave them in the comments below!

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