Every blogger is not going to have fifty-thousand page views and that is okay, but that doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time blogging! It takes time to get a lot of page views so don’t expect overnight results! If you have low page views you need to ask yourself a couple of things before you give up on your blog.

Are your page-views improving- Nobody is an incredible blogger on the first day they launch their blog! If your new to blogging and your page-views are low that is okay because it takes time to get a lot of page views. A very small percentage of bloggers will get a lot of page-views in a short amount of time, but for some people, it can take years. Sometimes we may get discouraged because we aren’t getting as many page views as we would like but as long as they are consistency improving that is a sign your blog is growing!

Why do you blog?- If the answer is to make money, then you are blogging for the wrong reasons! There is no problem with wanting to make money but if that is the only reason you are blogging you are doing it for the wrong reasons. When you start a blog, you want to focus more on creating great content and focus less on the numbers! If you focus more on creating great content everything else will fall into place.

What is your niche- What is your blog going to be about? Narrowing it down to a couple of categories sometimes can help because then your readers will know what types of things to expect! Not having a niche and doing a bunch of random things may work for some people but it won’t work for everybody! If you have low-page views and don’t have a niche picking one may help you grow your blog.

Have fun- If you are trying to make money off of your blog you may fall into the trap of taking it too seriously. Taking it too seriously may cause you too burn out and not want to do it anymore! If you truly enjoy writing it really doesn’t matter how many page-views you have! If the only people who visited my blog were family members, I would still write because I enjoy it.

Do you enjoy it?-  Sometimes people will start a blog with the belief that they will get rich from it. Yes, you can make a living off of a blog but it is very rare that you will become rich off of it! If you do not enjoy blogging your posts are not going to be as good because you are writing to get it over with but if you enjoyed it, it wouldn’t seem like a chore but more like a hobby.

There is a lot more to blogging than just making blog posts and once you start a blog you will realize that. If you are trying so hard to improve your page views and are working every day with no days off you may become burnt out! It takes time to improve your page-views and working more isn’t necessarily going to speed things up! Taking a day or two off from blogging is not going to kill your blog! If you have any questions about if blogging is worth it with low page views please leave them in the comments below.