Walking with crutches has many challenges but it is not the worst thing in the world that will ever happen to you!

Earlier this week I read a post about how walking with crutches is the worst thing that can ever happen to you! This is where I disagree walking with crutches may be difficult at times, but they also have their benefits. Here are some reasons why crutches aren’t as bad as you may think they are.

Fashion statement- Have you ever felt like your outfit doesn’t have enough color? If you are like me, you are able to choose the color of your crutches so it adds a little extra color to your outfit. My crutches pretty much never match the color of my outfit, but that doesn’t bother me it makes it more interesting! If the color of your crutches not matching your outfit bothers you try to not think about it too much because every time you do that it will stress you out. It would get really exhausting to try to coordinate all your outfits to the color of crutches! You cannot control the fact that you have to walk with crutches so getting upset about it is a waste of energy!

Gym equipment- Has it been a while since you have been to the gym? If that is the case you may not be ready to lift weights and maybe sticking to resistance training. Crutches are relatively light so you could use them while you resistance train to make your workouts more intense. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything too crazy that way you don’t end up breaking anything!

Killer upper body strength- Walking with crutches is all upper body strength and when you use them for a while you start to get a lot of muscle in your arms! This is because you are constantly using your upper body! People that walk with crutches for a living usually have more upper body strength than an abled person.

Helps you win at tag- Sometimes when you are disabled, you may get depressed when playing tag because you can’t run as fast as an abled person or they may not include you. If they aren’t including you because of your disability that is wrong and they shouldn’t be doing that! If that is not the case you need to think of tag in a different way when you play think of crutches as having an advantage that an abled person does not have!

Easy to dress-up- I usually don’t dress up for Halloween but if I ever wanted to getting a costume would be easy. All I would have to do is buy a wig and say I am a senior citizen. My crutches don’t look like ones an older person would use, but that does not matter! Dressing up is supposed to be fun so trying to make everything perfect takes the fun out of it!

Walking with crutches may be difficult sometimes but having a positive attitude about it makes all the difference in the world! An abled person may look at crutches in a negative way because they have not experienced what it is like to live a life with crutches. You can change that by educating them and letting them know that having crutches is not as bad you would think. In reality, all they do is help a person in with a disability get around and there is no need to look at them in a negative way! Let’s kill that negativity about living with crutches! If you have any questions about why crutches aren’t so bad please leave them in the comments below.