Lessons I Learned From Accepting A Job I Was Not Qualified For

Accepting a job I was not qualified for was a huge learning experience! I have never thought about how important it was to be placed in the right job until I was placed in the wrong one. I will explain a few lessons I learned when I was placed in the wrong job.

Desperate for employment- Have you ever wanted something so bad you would do anything to get it? I fell into the trap of wanting a job so bad I would literally take anything that was offered to me. I was offered a position that was a little bit more than I could handle but because I was so desperate for employment I could not say no. Having this mindset will lead to poor choices and will possibly put you back where you started in a couple of months.

Inaccessibility- When a person with a disability gets hired somewhere the one place that should be accessible to them is their workstation. My workstation was doable but not really accessible I had a really difficult time getting stuff and just moving around in general. A person with a disability should not be stressed when they go to work because their workstation is not as accessible as it could be. Before you apply for a job know the business you are applying to that way you will know if they will be accessible to you. If possible visit the business before you apply so you don’t waste your time applying for a job you cannot accept.

Anxiety attacks- After pretty much every shift I worked I was probably in tears this was not because I was sad. This was because my anxiety took over! It took me hours to calm myself down and when I did I still felt anxious. When I even thought about my job I had a meltdown. My anxiety was literally controlling me during this time period. It is normal to have some anxiety when starting a new job but not to the extent I had it, having anxiety this bad is unhealthy! Before I worked this job I didn’t think I had anxiety as bad as I do! Now I am very aware of how bad it actually is and am taking action so this doesn’t happen again! How do I avoid severe anxiety attacks in the workplace? I don’t apply for every job I can think of.

Nothing came naturally-  I always felt like I was the dumbest one in the room because I didn’t know how to do anything. The job I applied to was really meant for someone with a college degree! The training I got was very limited, so it made it difficult to excel at my job. Improving my job I find very important and without proper training, I am unable to do that.

These are just a few lessons I learned from being placed in the wrong job! If you are disabled being placed in the wrong job can cause more problems than if you are abled. If you are abled and were placed in the wrong job you most likely can just quit and find another. A person with a disability does not always have that option it may take months or even years to find another job. Don’t accept any job because you are desperate because another better-suited job may come along! If you have any questions about lessons I learned from accepting a job I was not qualified for please leave them in the comments below.

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