Lessons I Learned From Blogilates


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You don’t need much in Pilates to get a killer workout! All you basically need is a mat and a pilates ring.

Blogilates is the number one female fitness channel on YouTube with four million subscribers. Cassey Ho the Pilate’s instructor that runs this website has helped me improve my fitness in so many ways! I will share with you a few things I have learned since I started using her channel in 2011.

Form is more important than reps- Before I started using this website I would try to do as many sit-ups as I possibly could, but it does not necessarily mean I was doing them properly. When I was doing a sit-up I was doing them with improper form which made it so I was not getting the results I wanted because when you do an exercise properly you work harder! It is better to do five proper sit-ups than one hundred improper ones. If you aren’t getting the results, you are looking for, make sure your form is correct when you are exercising!

Lower back pain can be caused by weak abdominal muscles- Before I started this channel I couldn’t sit for even ten minutes without having back excruciating back pain. According to Cassey Ho if you have mild back pain it could be caused by weak abdominal muscles and doing a few ab workouts with proper form a couple of times a week might solve your problem. Workouts that are done with inproper form might be making your back pain worse so always be mindful of your form! This is not always the case and sometimes you may need to seek professional help if you have severe back pain but for me strengthening my core muscles was the solution to my back pain.

Can’t out train a bad diet– Do you spend three- hours in the gym because you think that makes it so you can eat whatever you want? You can’t out-train a bad diet so although you may be spending all this time in the gym if you eat donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner you will never see those results because your nutrition is not in check. Eighty percent of how you look and feel comes down to the foods you put in your body so if you want to see those results focus less on time in the gym and more on proper nutrition.

Helped relieve leg cramps- Before Blogilates I would get really bad leg cramps that would affect my daily activities. Since starting Blogilates I have not gotten any leg cramps that have affected my daily activities. Walking two miles was too much cardio for me that is why I was getting leg cramps since I stopped doing that I do not get unbearable leg cramps.

Hate exercise?- If you hate exercise that is okay, you may not have found the one that is right for you. It took me a year before I found an exercise routine that I fell in love with. I look forward to doing Pilates and can’t wait to do it again! That is the attitude you need to have when choosing an exercise routine because if you enjoy it you are more likely to do it again. If you hate exercising experiment with different things until you find the one that is right for you.

Comfort Zones- To create change, you must push yourself past your comfort zone and Cassey Ho does just that! She has taught me how to do things that I would have thought was impossible. When you are exercising your mind gives up before your body does so you always have to remind yourself it’s just lactic acid and your not actually tired five minutes into your workout.  Cassey Ho motivates you the entire time and lets you know you can do it and even if you can’t that is okay!

There is something for everybodyBlogilates has a ton of variety of videos you can choose from. There is literally a workout for every part of your body! Most fitness channels that I have visited I am not able to do most of the videos because of my disability. Blogilates makes it so you can modify most of her exercises so no one is excluded. A lot of fitness channels you either can do the exercises or you can’t! I am not able to do all the videos but new ones are created every week so I have never run out of videos.

Blogilates has been a lifesaver for me because without it I would have completely given up on fitness. Blogilates is not for everybody some people may not be able to do very many of the exercises because of their disability! The important thing is to find something you love to do whether it is a workout or not. If you have any questions about lessons learned from Blogilates please leave them in the comments below.

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