Longest Birthday Text I Have Ever Written

Today my friend Karly turns twenty-six which means she is officially older than me! This coming August Karly and I would have been friends for ten years! I don’t get to see her as much as I would like but I could not ask for a better friend! I will take you down memory lane and show you what it has been like to be friends with Karly.

High school- Karly and I, met when we were in high school but the first year we didn’t actually speak to each other so that year doesn’t, really count towards our friendship. The second-year Karly and I became great friends but the only time we got to see each other was lunch because we didn’t have any classes together! When I had lunch with Karly it was my favorite part of the day! Karly has always cared about my wellbeing and has never gotten mad at me despite some of the things I have done! For example, Karly and I were eating lunch and she did not want a fruit cup so I thought it would be funny to try to feed it to her. I accidentally dumped the fruit cup all down the front of her, so she smelled like fruit juice the rest of the day! After I did this I apologized but still expected her to be mad, but she was not she knew I was just messing around!

There was one year we had one class together and that was when we had adaptive PE. That class was an utter waste of time! The first half of class we pushed ourselves around the track to get some exercise but for those who can’t put themselves this activity was not a good one and there was no alternative! When we were going around the track Karly was just wasting her battery and getting zero exercise! I wasn’t getting any either because I was holding onto her chair and she was pushing me while we were having a conversation. The second half of class we bounced balls to each other but because of Karly’s Muscular Dystrophy bouncing balls are difficult so sometimes I would throw one to her and I would hit her in the head. Luckily the balls we were using were beach balls so no matter how many times I hit her in the head I know I was not hurting her.

Fear– If there was a mosquito or some sort of bug on Karly’s arm somebody else would have to kill it. There has been a couple of times Karly has been in fear and I have not been very helpful! For example, Karly had a wasp flying over her head and she asked me to get it and I told her to move and I wasn’t going to get stung. I admit I should have at least tried to help and responding in that way was a little harsh!

Trust– Karly does not listen to gossip especially if you are trying to destroy friendships! Our friendship was put to the test when someone messaged her saying I was a horrible person and that she shouldn’t be friends with me! Karly just deleted the comment because she knew that was not true!

Blogging- Karly is an amazing blogger and has also helped me improve my writing skills since day one! When I started this blog, I was not confident with my writing so Karly promised me she would help me improve it! Karly has kept her promise and now I do not need her help to edit any of my blogs! Without her help, my writing would not have improved in the way it has!

Failed friendships- Over the last couple of years, I have had a couple of friendships fall through and Karly has always been there for me. If I ever want to rant she will listen to me and trust me I have done that plenty of times! I am uncomfortable talking about my failed friendships but if I ever wanted to she would listen and she wouldn’t complain about it! Whenever I was trying to make a friendship work but she knew it was not going to work out she never said: “I told you so” when it didn’t work out.

Advice- I have gone to Karly multiple times for her advice or to hear her opinion on something. I always know she is going to give me an honest answer! There have been times she has told me something was not a good idea and I respect her for that! I hate it when people just tell me what I want to hear because doing that can cause me to make a mistake that could have been avoided!

Some things may be more difficult for you than they are for me but your attitude towards it is one of my favorite characteristics about you! I may do dumb things sometimes but if it weren’t for you I would have never started blogging! Karly, you taught me an important lesson that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone because great things don’t happen in comfort zones! Karly, you are like a sister to me and you have helped me overcome so many things! I hope at least one of my stories took you down memory lane and made you laugh! Happy Birthday, Karly I wish I could be there to help you celebrate and don’t do anything too exciting without me!

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