Happy Father’s Day! On my Mother’s Day post I highlighted some of the responsibilities that my mom has a parent but she didn’t do it alone my dad helped! My dad may not drive me around places like my mom does but he does many other things that I couldn’t do for myself. Although both of my parents have different responsibilities when taking care of me they are both equally important! Here are a few responsibilities you may have if you are the dad of a disabled child.

Constant repairs- I honestly don’t know if there is anything my dad can’t fix! Whenever my dad does some kind of repair I somehow manage to unintentionally destroy it! I have broken things that are supposed to be unbreakable and somehow, I manage to break them. Sometimes my dad gets frustrated when I keep breaking the same thing, but he never yells at me for breaking them instead he just repairs them! I feel bad when I keep breaking the same thing and I wish there was some way to prevent it but sometimes there isn’t.

Very well educated- My dad finds it very important to educate his daughters on various subjects! He reads and watches way more documentaries than I do! I probably don’t read as many books or watch as many documentaries as I should but my dad makes sure I know important facts so I am never embarrassed because I didn’t know something important!

Respectable individual- If you are at home all day what you are wearing does not really matter. That is not the case when you go out in public because some things you wear at home may not be appropriate to wear out in public! My dad is constantly reminding us of appropriate things to wear in public so, we look respectable. My sisters and I don’t always agree but the fact that he tries is something I find very appreciative.

Discussion– If you are a parent your kids are going to make mistakes and there is nothing wrong with that help them learn from it!  I have never heard my dad say “not my problem” whenever one of his kids make a mistake! He helps us find a solution when we make one because that is how you prevent the mistake from happening again.

Long work days- I have a confession to make I have no idea what my dad does! All I can tell you is he does something with computers but I couldn’t give you any details! My dad’s job must be difficult because he works a lot and I wish he didn’t have to work so much. I do enjoy learning about other people’s jobs so maybe one day my dad could attempt to educate me! Although he may have to dumb down some of the details because I don’t know much about computers.

I yet again failed to get my dad a Father day gift so although a blog is not the same as a gift hopefully my dad sees the appreciation I have for everything he has done for me. Gift shopping is hard when you are disabled and can’t drive because somebody is not always available to take you! If you know what you want to get buying it online is always an option but I very rarely know. Dad, I hope you don’t work too hard and have a very relaxing Father’s Day!