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Shopping With A Disability


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Shopping at the mall with Karly is very different than it would be if I were to shop with an abled person. There are many things that an abled person might not think of when they go shopping that a person with a disability does. I will explain how shopping differs for Karly, and I compared to shopping with an abled person.

How I help Karly:

How Karly helps me:

Different for us because:

 Why shopping is a good activity for us

When a person with a disability, shops there are a lot of things they must consider that an abled person does not have to. An abled person may have an easier time when they go shopping but that does not mean they are having more fun than you are your experience is just different! When you have a disability, there are some things you will do differently than an abled person but that doesn’t mean an abled person is having more fun! I have a lot of fun when I am out with Karly even with some of the challenges we face. If you have any questions about how shopping with Karly is different please leave them in the comments below!

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