Should Disabled Bloggers Continue To Write About Disability?

An abled person will never understand what it is like to live with a disability! The best person to educate you on some of the issues that we face is a person with a disability. Sometimes an abled person may not like our disability-related posts so they will send us an email asking us to stop making them. Is not making disability posts the answer? If you are abled before you ask a disabled blogger to take down their disability posts ask yourself these things.

Did I actually offend you?- Did I personally offend you?  If I did please let me know that so I can clear things up with you. Sometimes an abled person may have a hard time believing how some things can be true. All of my posts are either opinions or something that personally happened to me so it is okay if you disagree. I would love to hear what my viewers have to say when they disagree with one of my messages so instead of asking me to choose a new niche challenge my message in the comments!

Lose part of who I am-  Every disability blogger I have known loves to write about disability! So asking them to write about something else would be like losing a part of who they are.

Disability makes you uncomfortable- Sometimes an abled person may be uncomfortable around a disabled person so they may think not talking about disability is going to help.  The best way to get more comfortable with being around disabled people is to learn from people who are actually disabled! If disabled bloggers stopped talking about disability it would be very difficult for abled people to learn about disability.

Finding a new niche is hard-  Starting a blog takes a lot of courage for some and when viewers tell bloggers they should change their niche that is insulting. Bloggers work very hard to bring excellent content to their viewers and when someone tells them to change their niche it is just like a slap in the face! Rebranding a blog is not only very difficult but also a very risky move that most bloggers aren’t willing to make.

Disabled bloggers work just as hard on their blogs as anybody else so asking them to rebrand because you are uncomfortable talking about disability is rude and insensitive! Every disabled blogger brings something different to the table and you can learn something different from all of them! I have learned so much from some of the disabled bloggers I follow and if they stopped writing about disability it would make it more difficult to learn about different disabilities. Yes, sometimes you may find some of the things that we post surprising but that doesn’t make it inaccurate or wrong and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. No one else other than disabled people are better suited to educate you about disability. Should disabled bloggers continue to write about disability or should we find a new niche? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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