Simple Hacks That Will Make Making Living With A Disability Easier

When you’re disabled sometimes, things can get difficult and you may have to adapt some things to make your life easier. If you are having difficulty with everyday tasks here are a few simple hacks that can help make your life easier.

Lower shelves- I am a coffee drinker but when all the coffee cups are on the top shelf it is very difficult for me to reach them. Instead of struggling I put some coffee cups on the bottom shelf so I can easily reach them.

Organize drawers- Some things you are going to use every day and other things you may only use occasionally. The things you use every day put in an accessible location so you don’t have to struggle to get them. The things you don’t use every day you can put in a less accessible location that way you will have more room for the stuff you use more frequently.

Strength train- If you are able to strength train it will make your life a lot easier! Building your upper body strength can help you with tasks such as getting into a vehicle or taking a shower! When you are physically disabled doing any type of transfer can be difficult and strength training may help make it a little bit easier because you will be building muscle!

Put coffee maker in an accessible location- Putting your coffee maker close to where you are going to have your coffee will be extremely helpful because you won’t have to carry your coffee as far.

Take trips- When you are disabled you are not going to be able to carry as much as an abled person can. Some tasks are going to take longer for a person with a disability to do than an abled person. Carrying more than you can handle because you don’t want to take trips is not going to get something done faster! Actually, it could take longer, because if you drop a bunch of stuff it will take you more time to pick it up. If you just took trips that would not have happened!

Shower chair- If you are a wheelchair user or walk with crutches taking a shower is probably going to be a difficult task. Getting a shower chair may make your life a little bit easier! I personally would rather sit on the bottom of the bathtub when taking a shower but for some people with disabilities shower chairs make their life easier.

Portable handle for the shower- I personally don’t have a portable handle for the shower but I would like one because it would make my life easier. Getting out of the shower is extremely difficult because I don’t have my crutches for stability and I have nothing to hold on to when I get out! If I had a portable handle I would have something to hold on to and it would make getting in and out of the shower much easier!

Easy to grip cups- Some cups are not designed for a person with a disability to carry. When I carry a beverage I like to be able to fit my hand around the outside of the cup. If the cup is too wide it makes it difficult to do that because my hand is too small to fit around the outside of the cup. Handles on cups are also helpful because when you have a beverage it will be easy to transfer if you have something to grip on to. If you are physically disabled before purchasing any cups ask yourself is this going to make my life easier or harder?

If you are disabled things are going to get challenging and you may get frustrated at times and that is okay. When this happens you need to ask yourself is this worth getting mad over? If you are getting mad over something that you cannot control you need to stop take a breath and continue when you are ready! If you have any questions about simple hacks that can make your life easier when you are disabled please leave them in the comments below.

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