Do you have a learning disability? Well, I do and with it comes many challenges. Having a learning disability just means it takes longer for you to understand something. It does not mean that college is completely out of the question. Actually, many with learning disabilities are able to get college degrees they just get the required help. You should never be ashamed to ask for help. People will not look down on you because you don’t understand something, and if they do they’re not worth keeping in your life anyway.

When I was in school I had trouble with math and reading. It didn’t matter how long I looked at the material, it might as well have been in another language. A lot of the time, teachers would try to explain it to me and I would still not get it. I would tell them that. What did they do? They would say the exact same thing but in a louder tone.

My problem isn’t hearing, it’s the material I don’t understand. So I would get very frustrated. When someone doesn’t understand something, you need to explain it in a different way not say the same thing but in a louder tone.  If I didn’t hear them I would have said so. Sometimes I would get so mad my face would turn bright red and I had to calm myself down. I never understood the logic behind why they just repeated themselves when someone didn’t understand something. I am assuming it’s because they didn’t know any other way to explain it.

I had a friend with the same problem. She had more of a delay in math than I did. She would sometimes come and ask me for help but since I was barely passing my math class I couldn’t help her. I felt so bad that I couldn’t help but I was better off not helping than trying to help and confusing her more. I wasn’t failing out of pure laziness, it was because of the curriculum, it was designed in a way that had the students teach themselves to do all the problems. I got lucky and I had a teacher that helped me, but my friend was not so lucky. I still couldn’t help my friend, even though I was getting help from the teacher because there was stuff I just never understood!

My friends are what help me get through the day when I am having a difficult time. I had a lot of classes with friends that also had a learning disability. If I couldn’t figure something out sometimes they could. Even if they couldn’t, we could always ask for help. Sometimes we would still have a hard time understanding but you have to try. If you don’t at least ask for help, it will look like you don’t care to learn and you don’t want that.

Having a learning disability can be challenging but you can also learn a lot about yourself through it. Once you know you’re learning style it can be a lot easier to study. If you don’t know your learning style and you have a learning disability, it’s worth exploring. It will help you learn more efficiently so you spend a lot less time studying. You will know what tools you need. If you have any questions about learning disabilities please leave them in the comments below.