Sometimes when people think of therapy they are automatically turned off! They may think therapy is either boring or ineffective! In all honesty, they are not there to entertain you they are there to help you improve your overall quality of life. The benefits of occupational therapy are endless I will share with you a few things that I learned from occupational therapy!

Learn important skills- One of my goals is to be able to live on my own someday, but I will be unable to do that if I can’t do certain skills. When you have a disability, things like getting dressed are a lot harder but are still essential to know how to do. That is when the occupational therapist comes in they will teach you important skills like dressing yourself, but they will find the easiest way to do it according to your specific needs. When I was younger I went to occupational therapy and they taught me how to dress myself and it was one of the most important lessons I could have learned because now I do not need help with getting dressed!

Helps you solve problems- I currently go to an occupational therapist because my eyes don’t work together and because of that it can cause me not to see certain things. For example, because of my vision, I got dangerously close to getting hit by a car luckily I am very good at stopping quickly in my wheelchair. This time it was not my fault because the person that almost hit me was driving way to fast but next time that may not be the case! Never crossing the street was not going to be an option so I told my therapist about this incident and she helped me find a solution to avoid this from happening again! I may not be able to change my vision, but I can do some things to adapt to my surroundings!

Gain a friend- Some people with disabilities have to go to therapy for several years, but it is not as bad as you think it is because they really look up to their therapist. They see their therapist more as a friend than a therapist! When I go to therapy I have a conversation like I would with a friend and that is how I view my therapist!

Therapy can get boring but that is not why you go! If the reason for you not deciding to go to therapy is because you fear you will be incredibly bored, you need to change your thinking. You may be bored but therapy is usually only an hour or two out of your day and not usually more than once or twice a week! By just going to occupational therapy you may notice certain things in your daily life are easier than if you decided not to go! I have been going to occupational therapy for several years and I am rarely being entertained but I continue to go because certain things in my life have gotten easier because of my therapist. Let that be your reasoning to start therapy if you need it! If you have any questions about why occupational therapy is, not as bad as you think please leave them in the comments below.