Things An Abled Person Will Never Understand

There are some things an abled person will never understand about living with a physical disability! That is okay if you don’t completely understand their situation but being rude to a person with a disability because they are inconveniencing you is not okay. There are some things that just happen that are out of our control! I will explain some of the things about my disability that an abled person will never understand.

Bathroom needs– I am not going to go into detail on my bathroom regime because in all honesty that is not anyone’s business. Asking a person with a disability how they go to the bathroom is rude so don’t do it! Going to the bathroom is going to take me longer than it would an abled person and there is nothing I can do about that. One of the things that really irritate me is when an abled person tries to act like their needs are more important than mine. My needs are just as important as an abled person’s needs they just take longer. Knocking on the bathroom door three-hundred times is not going to get me to go faster because most likely I am going as fast as I can! Rude commentary about my bathroom needs is also very unnecessary and will not get me to go faster. Commentary about an issue that somebody cannot control is very unnecessary, rude and hurtful please don’t do it.

Why things get broken- No, I don’t intentionally go breaking stuff that isn’t mine! Sometimes something will give out and things will get broken. I try my best to try to prevent this from happening but sometimes it’s not preventable!

Cooking- An abled person can go and cook whenever they want without any physical limitations.  I wish I could cook but in my current home, it would be unsafe to cook anything that uses the microwave or stove. So if I need to use them, I need to ask for help for safety reasons! In high school, I took two cooking classes because I knew that was probably the only opportunity I would get to actually make something other than a sandwich!

Exercise- Workouts are not only more difficult to find when are disabled but they are also more challenging to do! There are some workout videos designed for the physically disabled but not near as many as there are for people who are abled. I originally went looking for a workout that was designed for the physically disabled but my options were so limited I ended up giving up and just used a channel that wasn’t designed for the disabled and modified as needed. A lot of people who are physically disabled and are able to workout don’t, because of limited resources!

When you are abled, there are some things you are never going to understand and that is okay just don’t be rude about it. A person with a disability is not asking you to completely understand their situation they just want some respect from time to time. A person with a disability doesn’t deserve disrespect because you were inconvenienced! If you have any questions about things an abled person will never understand please leave them in the comments below.

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