What Are My Pet Peeves?

Has anybody ever done anything to you over and over again and would not stop? Sometimes abled people do things that disabled people find incredibly annoying. They may not realize they are doing something annoying or frustrating because they don’t see a problem with it personally. I will explain what my pet peeves are so you can avoid doing these things.

Pushing my wheelchair- A lot of people just come up to me and just start pushing me. This is my biggest pet peeve, I don’t mind being pushed but ask first. Sometimes I want to push myself. After you ask if I tell you I want to push myself, please respect my decision. Sometimes I don’t like the way somebody drives because they are very jerky so coming up and pushing me is rude and I may not want you to. Some people drive too slow, and it really annoys me. I would rather push myself than to tell them that.

Too helpful- Sometimes an abled person will ask me if I need help and I will tell them no and they will do the task for me anyways. I am limited to a lot of tasks, so I like to do things myself if I am able. If I need help I will ask you. Going ahead and just doing them for me is a pet peeve of mine. I appreciate that you want to be helpful but sometimes I want to do things myself when I can.

Pulling my hair- Coming up behind me and gently pulling my hair is not funny nor cute!

Treating me like a child- I cannot tell you how many times people have talked to me like I was ten-years-old! I am in my twenties so please talk to me like you would to any adult.

Being a know it all- As far as functionality goes I am pretty much an expert. I have tried several different things, so I know what works and what doesn’t. Some people will argue with me that their way is better because they see my way doesn’t look ‘normal’ Even though it doesn’t look ‘normal’ doesn’t mean your way is easier.

Calling me crippled- Some disabled people may not mind it when you call them crippled. Well, I do and when people call me crippled I get very angry. Use the right term and call me disabled and not crippled. When I think of the word crippled I think of the words unable or incapable. A person with a disability may be limited to a lot of things, but that does not mean you should call them crippled. A lot of disabled people get offended when you do so don’t do it.

Mocking the disabled- There have been people who have mocked the way I walk. There are other ways to get your friends to laugh. This is not one of them. It is not funny! If you don’t want to get on my bad side don’t do it!

These are just a few of my pet peeves that abled people do regularly but probably aren’t aware they are doing. I don’t tell them every time they do it. They do it too frequently for me to want to say anything every time. If you have any questions about my pet peeves please leave them in the comments below!

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