Have you ever looked at your daily routine and thought to yourself how many bad habits you have? Having bad habits is not as terrible as it sounds because you are in control of whether or not you fix them. Sometimes you may need some help with fixing a habit and, that is okay. I will show you some of my bad habits and what I am doing to fix them.

Can’t say no- This was a huge problem when it came down to picking my friends. If you are a nice person, I will be friends with you. That has been a big problem for me in the past because I had a problem with someone who felt sorry for herself but took it out on me. We ended up going on and off three times before I decided she wasn’t worth my time. I convinced myself she changed when she hadn’t. How am I addressing this problem? I am practicing saying ‘no’ to people I know.

Self- Confidence- I have very little self-confidence. When I was in school, I didn’t get the best grades because of my learning disability. After I graduated and started looking for a job and was unable to find on I was convinced I was not good at anything. How am I building my self-confidence? I write blogs and don’t second guess them because if I did that nothing would ever get posted. My friend, Karly helps a lot with determining what is good and what isn’t. I also get a lot of support from friends and family.

Touch my face/clench my teeth- I do this like every day because of my anxiety. Sometimes I get really nervous even though I am not sure why. I deal with this by exercising and talking to Karly!

Work no play- Ever since I started blogging, I am writing all the time. I write pretty much every day of the week. What will happen if I continue to do this is I will reach a burnout and not want to do it anymore. How am I fixing this problem? I have designated days where I blog and days where I don’t, so I can do something else that is fun. I love what I do but if I am doing it too much I will get sick of it eventually!

Compulsively check social media- After I make a post, I check social media like every five minutes. I get really concerned that nobody will like the post I just made. I do understand it takes longer than five minutes for people to see the post. I probably worry a bit too much. How am I addressing this problem? Get off social media! I need to do something that makes me forget about the post I just made. I will either work out or play the PlayStation.

Everyone has bad habits, it’s the next step you take to fix the bad habit that is most important. If you are trying to fix a bad habit but, maybe haven’t been very successful, that is okay. It doesn’t mean you are a failure. You only fail when you stop trying! Some habits take a while to overcome but, take it one day at a time you will get there. If you have any questions about how to overcome bad habits please leave them in the comments below!