What Can You Do On Valentine’s Day If You Are Disabled And Single?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Some of you may be going out for a nice dinner with your spouse because of the holiday. If you are disabled, you may get depressed because you don’t have anyone to share this day with. I will show you some things you can do for Valentine’s Day if you are single and disabled.

Buy yourself something- Who says you need to have a significant other to go buy yourself something nice! There are a lot of sales around Valentine’s Day take advantage of them, you deserve it!

Get off Facebook- Facebook is the worst thing you can get on if you get depressed on Valentine’s Day! People will be posting about their evening plans so if you can’t handle it stay off of it for the day.

Home-cooked meal- If you have any friends and family, that doesn’t go out why not cook a home-cooked meal! Getting a reservation at a restaurant can sometimes be difficult on Valentine’s Day because everyone does it that is why cooking a home-cooked meal is a good alternative!

Gift of giving- If you are struggling with depression on Valentine’s Day why not try to get your friend’s family something. I would highly recommend trying this if you can afford it because you will feel so good about yourself. I do this every year, and it brings me great joy so I will continue to do in years to come!

Babysit- When you are parents, you may not get to go out without your kids very often! Children are a blessing, but sometimes it can be nice to go out without your kids especially if you have young kids! If are able to babysit volunteer to babysit for a couple that does not get to go out very often without their kids. If you want to babysit but you know it’s unsafe to do it alone see if any of your friends or family are available to help that way you are still getting the experience and aren’t putting anyone’s child in danger!

Have friends over- If you know someone who also has no plans invite them over and have a movie night! If you are having a great time you won’t be depressed and may even forget it is even Valentine’s Day!

Go out- If you really want to go out you could always see if a friend is available to go with you so you won’t be alone! I personally would rather not go out on Valentine’s Day because everything is so crowded! If a friend is unavailable, I recommend staying home because it may make you more depressed! Doing stuff alone is never as fun than if you were to do it with somebody else!

If you are disabled and get depressed on Valentine’s Day because you don’t have a significant other you need to find a way to cope with your depression. If you are truly unhappy having a significant other is not going to make you happier! You are in complete control over that so if you are unhappy I suggest you figure out what is making you unhappy and fix it before you start dating! Valentine’s Day is not supposed to be a day where you get depressed! If you have any questions about things you can do for Valentine’s Day if you are disabled and single please leave them in the comments below.

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