When You Struggle With Promotion

Do you struggle with promoting your blog or writing posts? I personally have a more difficult time promoting posts than I do writing them. I was always the kid that sat in the back of the classroom and hoped no one noticed I was there. I recently published an article on https://themighty.com/ and it was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done! Publishing an article on another website can be very helpful if you are trying to reach a larger audience. It can also be very terrifying if promoting your blog is very difficult for you! If you struggle with promotion here are a few tips that may make it a little less scary.

Just do it- I have always been that kid that I didn’t really want anyone to know was I there. I would always sit in the back of the classroom hoping the teacher would forget about me and never call on me! It usually worked I wasn’t asked many questions, but it made learning very difficult because I never asked questions! When I created my account on https://themighty.com/ I deleted it three times before I actually submitted any blog. Eventually, I had to put my feelings aside and submit my blog or nothing would have ever gotten published.

Follow a schedule- Promoting your blog is just as important as writing blog posts sometimes we don’t promote them as much as we should. Setting a schedule for promoting blog posts may help prevent from putting these tasks on the back burner.

Take it slow- Is your anxiety making promotion for your blog very difficult? Anxiety can make promoting your blog very difficult instead of promoting your blog on every website you think of pick a few and go from there. As time goes on you may start to get comfortable with promoting your blog so you will be able to add it on more websites but in the beginning, just add one or two so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Make friends- Promoting other bloggers’ posts on your social media is a good way to get others to help with promoting yours.

Stop making excuses- Some people will have a million excuses on why they don’t have time to promote their blog. If you have a job, you are not going to have as much time to promote your blog then you would if you were unemployed. Most people have five to ten minutes a day of spare time spend it promoting your blog!

Promoting your blog can be a huge time hog and if you have a job, you may not have a ton of time to promote your blog. Spending five to ten minutes a day promoting it will make a huge difference in getting growth for your blog. Writing posts can take hours and if no one is reading them because you aren’t promoting them that can be very frustrating! If you have any questions about why promoting my blog is difficult, please leave them in the comments below!

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