Why Don’t I Workout In A Gym

When an abled person works out they may have certain days where they work out certain body parts. That may not be a very good strategy for a disabled person if all they can work out is their upper body. Every day would be arm day! When you go to a gym there is very limited equipment a disabled person can use. I will explain why I don’t go to a gym and why I prefer home workouts.

Limited equipment – Chances are when you go to the gym you will see very few people with a physical disability. Why is that? Because ninety percent of the equipment isn’t accessible. How do we fix this problem? By creating more equipment a person with a physical disability would be able to use.

The equipment that gyms have a lot of them I would not be able to use because it would be too difficult to get on them. I don’t like to ask a stranger to help me get on to equipment if I can avoid it. How do we fix this problem? We make equipment that is easier to get onto? There are some things like a rower that I would have no problem using but a lot of things are just too high.

Home workouts- Why do I choose home workouts? It gives me the freedom to work the body parts I’m able and not work the parts I can’t. In all honesty, going to the gym to just use their weights and maybe their mats to do some sit-ups in a waste of money! I can purchase my own set of weights and buy my own mat.

Weight training- If I were to go to a gym the only thing I would probably be able to do would probably be a rower, weights and use their mats. I can lift weights at home and work on abs at home as well. I prefer to do weight training at home because I always get the weight I want and I don’t have to worry about who touched it before me.

Can a disabled person do weight training safely? Absolutely! You just need to know your limits. A lot of people who are disabled, especially the ones who push wheelchairs or walk with crutches can actually lift heavier than an abled person because they are using their upper body all the time. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to be lifting ten to twelve pounds and an abled person was lifting less than that. If you are unsure of how much weight you should be lifting my advice is to start light and then progress from there or consult an expert if you can!

You don’t need a gym to have just as good of a workout. Sometimes going to a gym is not an option. If you are physically incapable of working that is okay. There is nothing to be depressed about! If you have any questions about how I work out please leave them in the comments below!

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