Why I Have Been Discouraged From Shopping At JCPenney’s

When was the last time you went into a dressing room at your local department store? If you are abled that is probably not a big deal but if you are disabled not having an accessible dressing room can be a huge problem. Last week my sister Kim took me to the mall and it was probably the most upsetting mall experience I have ever had! No, my sister did not make me upset the inaccessibility in JCPenney’s did. I am used to stores being inaccessible to some level but this was over the top and should not be allowed! While shopping the inaccessibility upset me, but there are a few things that can be done to fix it.

Small dressing rooms- In order for me to fit in their dressing room, my sister Kim and I had to use our, creativity skills! The dressing rooms were too small for me to drive my wheelchair into with ease and close the door. All the dressing rooms were the same size it didn’t really even matter what one I picked because I would have an equal amount of difficulty in each one. Was it possible JCPenney’s had accessible dressing rooms but we were just in the wrong location? Anything is possible but people with disabilities should not have to search for accessible dressing rooms they should be easy to find. Dressing rooms for an abled person are easy to find why can’t we accommodate them for people with physical disabilities?

Narrow walkways- Almost every aisle I walked down I just barely made it! This is a huge problem because someone who has a larger wheelchair than mine would have gotten stuck because the aisles were too small. The simple fix to this is to make more room in between-aisles so people in wheelchairs can fit through with ease!

Obstacles– Bending down and picking up merchandise is something I have done before. It is more of a challenge when the aisles are small and you have to constantly bend down and pick up merchandise. I completely understand it would be difficult for a large business to pick up every piece of merchandise that fell on the floor. Making larger spaces would make it easier for people with disabilities to pick up merchandise because they would have more room to back up if they needed to.

Everyone has a breaking point for me it was the inaccessibility in JCPenney’s! Does this mean I will never shop there again? Giving people second chances is something I strongly believe in so, I may try shopping there in the near future but it won’t be anytime soon. If you are disabled and have been upset by the actions of a business taking a break from shopping at that store may help. Some things you have no control over but other things such as where you shop at you do have control over. If you have any questions about why I have been discouraged from shopping at JCPenney’s please leave them in the comments below!

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