Have you ever looked at someone and judged them based on their physical appearance? Most people have so you are not alone but it’s wrong no what your reason is for doing it. People often are either shamed for being too fat or too skinny but no matter how you say it shaming someone for their physical appearance never feels good and we shouldn’t be. Some people still do it because they think they are helping someone improve themselves but are doing anything but that and only them feel horrible about themselves so they won’t listen to you or be encouraged to make change in their lifestyle if they should. We all accept people the way they are instead of shaming them for what they are not and if have a bad habit of body shaming I am going to talk about how it is hurtful and why you need to stop. 

Know their story- When you look at a complete stranger and judge them based on their physical appearance that is wrong because you do not know them. Sometimes people tend to judge others because they are heavier than them but in all honesty. you can’t judge a stranger because you don’t know their story. They could have a medical condition that is preventing them from losing weight. If they don’t that is okay. Everyone has different body types. There is no reason to judge someone because they are heavier than you.

Self-esteem- Do you constantly look at yourself and not like what you see? Sometimes we are just a little bit uncomfortable with what we see in the mirror so we will just go on a diet and exercise more. Some people will take it to extreme levels. Exercising for long periods of time and having very restrictive diets won’t make you happier they will only make you more miserable because you won’t be getting the proper nutrition. If you are unhappy with the way you look and are exercising really hard and have a very restrictive diet and aren’t seeing results that could lower your self-esteem. The best way to change that is to not be so strict on your diet and exercise less. The problem could be you are being too strict and your body is trying to tell you something.

Bullying- Bringing someone down and calling them names is wrong, especially if you have no reason for it. You can really hurt someone’s self-esteem by doing that so don’t do it! Sometimes just by calling them heavy can lead to an eating disorder. Everyone has different body types so trying to convince them that they need to change is mean and you shouldn’t do it.

Eating disorders- Not eating will not solve your problems or help you reach your goals! Doing that will actually make it so you get to your goals at a slower pace because your body is not getting the nutrients it needs for survival.

Workouts- Spending three hours in the gym and following very restrictive diets puts a huge toll on your body and doing things like that never last. Instead of doing anything drastic, make a healthy lifestyle change! You will feel better and you will be healthier!

Everyone has different body types so saying something unkind or judging someone based on their physical appearance is mean and you shouldn’t do it. Even though you are smaller than them that doesn’t mean you are entitled to make fun of them. You could cause some serious medical issues by doing that so think twice before you do. If you have tried to lose weight and have had a difficult time with it, there is no need to take extreme measures. They are dangerous and they never last. You need to make a lifestyle change not something that is only going to be temporary. If you have any questions about why you should not body shame please leave them in the comments below.