I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out and all the accessible parking spots are filled. Chances are, most of them are probably being occupied by someone who is not disabled. Using a disabled parking sticker or taking an accessible space just because you want a closer parking spot is not only lazy but a huge disadvantage for a person with a disability. I will explain why you should not use the handicapped sticker if you are able to walk the long distance.

Long-distance- The people who legitimately have a disability have the accessible parking sticker for a reason and what may seem like a privilege but it is actually a necessity! One of the most common reasons someone may need a handicapped sticker is that they aren’t able to walk long distances and when you take that away from them because it’s more convenient for you it can be really frustrating. Not all disabled people can walk that extra distance!  Whenever I can’t find a parking space I have to be dropped off at the door and wait for my companion because walking long distances is just not possible for me! Not all disabled people are able to do this because some of them will wander off if they are left unattended so they need to travel with their companions at all times to prevent from getting lost.

Invisible Disability-  When someone pulls into a accessible parking spot and aren’t walking with crutches or in a wheelchair often times we are very quick to judge! “They clearly aren’t disabled so why are they parking in a disabled parking spot? Here’s the thing you don’t know if someone is disabled without asking them and asking is rude! There are probably more invisible disabilities than visible one and it’s impossible to know if someone is faking it. People who are not disabled sometimes will abuse the handicapped parking but the vast majority will not. Unless you know that person personally don’t ever assume they are faking a disability because unfortunately there is no way to tell.

Parking Spots- Handicapped parking spots are a little bit larger than regular parking spots so if someone needs to unload a wheelchair they have more room to do so. A regular parking spot is not enough room to do that. A lot of the time if someone needs to unload a wheelchair they either have to keep driving around until one opens up or drop the person with a disability off. Dropping the person off is not always an option.

Taking your grandmother’s parking sticker-  If you have to take your grandmother’s parking sticker you probably don’t need close parking because if you did you could go to the doctor and they would sign off on it.

When it comes to close parking people who are legitimately disabled rely on close parking because more often than not we can’t walk that extra distance! You know if you need close parking and if you don’t be a good person and park farther away! Close parking spaces are not there for your convenience but to make the lives of a disabled person easier and when you take that privilege away from somebody it can be really aggravating because disabled people don’t usually have a second option. Some abled people will abuse accessible parking and disabled people have to live with that but you don’t have to! If you have any questions about why abled people shouldn’t use the accessible parking sticker please leave them in the comments below.