What Can You Do When You’re Stuck In The Bathroom For A Really Long Time?

When you have a chronic condition like I do you rely on bowel routines to work and they usually do but nothing is perfect and sometimes it fails us. It’s no secret that it takes me some time to have a bowel movement and requires some equipment for that to happen but usually, within an hour I have successfully had one. Like anything else nothing is foolproof and although it will work most of the time sometimes it won’t and it either won’t work at all and I will have to go for round two the next day or it will take two to three hours which is like my entire since I do it after dinner to get it done. Sitting and waiting for something that might work can be stressful and is more than just boredom but is also anxiously waiting for the excruciating pain to stop wondering if it ever will! Pain can be in control and during times of struggle sometimes you can only wish that you could call your doctor and tell them to make it stop! Obviously, they can’t make pain stop instantaneously because it takes time to get a diagnosis but it would be incredible of that was possible. When you are too focused on the pain it will seem much worse so even if you can’t get rid of the pain distractions will be huge. If you are struggling here are some things you can do to distractions so the pain doesn’t seem that bad even if it is.

Karoke!- You probably sing in the shower or know someone who does so when was there this rule that if you were stuck in the bathroom for a while you couldn’t sing because you definitely can since it’s basically the same thing except for much longer. How well do you really think you know those Taylor Swift lyrics because there is only one way to find out. Anyone can sing in the shower for twenty minutes with accuracy but can you sing the lyrics to all your favorite song for to two three hours accurately without looking up the lyrics (because that is cheating) I don’t know anyone who can’ sing all the Taylor Swift songs accurately except die-hard Taylor Swift fans and Taylor Swift herself which I would hope she could sing the lyrics to her own songs. Get to practicing because although the people around you may not love your singing it will put those shower singers to shame!

Plan blog post ideas– If you are a blogger you know that there is very little downtime between each post and that it get harder to come up with new ideas the more you write so why not take advantage of this free time(if you can even call it that) and brainstorm some new ideas. I always bring my phone in the bathroom with me not just to entertain myself although that is one of the reasons but also in case things go south and it’s too much for me to handle and I need help. When I am stuck in the bathroom I don’t write full blog posts because it would be too diffcult to stay focused so it wouldn’t be a quality post so I would end up writing it anways. I do plan topics sometimes so I have some ready to go and don’t have to waste time coming up with a topic when I am writing my next post but can get straight to writing!

Text your friends- I have had friends call me in the past when they are doing their bathroom regime but personally, I don’t prefer that and it actually grosses me out to hear these noises in the background. When I have a bowel movement is a little bit louder than it would be for someone without this condition and it makes me feel so uncomfortable to call my friends when you can just text them for an hour. The only person I have called when I am stuck in the bathroom is my mother and that is only if I need help because usually I won’t feel comfortable enough to pick up or make phone calls even if I know that person but text are fair game!

Download games to your phone- I have this serious obsession with this paint by number game I downloaded on my phone that I also downloaded the same game on my tablet for when I have free time which it seems that I have very little of becuase there is so much to do with my blog it feels like the to do list never ends! I prefer to play it on my tablet because the pictures are really small on my phone and much larger on my tablet but when I just need something to pass the time it is good enough and really helps get my mind off the pain and pass the time so it doesn’t feel so horrible. Even with it being on my phone and the pictures being a lot smaller I still find myself playing the game in the bathroom a lot longer than I need to sometimes because I forget what I am doing and am focused on the picuture I am coloring.

Browse Pinterest- Pretty everyone uses Pinterest from mom’s to business owners and I don’t know anyone who uses social media who doesn’t have a Pinterest. People who don’t blog use it to find recipes or other creative ideas and bloggers use to promote their blog because it is great for promoting and when used correctly it will give you loads of traffic. I use Pinterest to promote my blog and typically only pin stuff that is relevant to my blog but if I am waiting to have a bowel movement I may not necessarily do that or pin anything at all but instead just browse the many different ideas on Pinterest because I won’t really be interested in promoting at the moment but just need to kill time. There is no better thing to do than to browse Pinterest because it’s a great time killer and you can seriously get lost on Pinterest!

Read- If you have a good book you are reading you could bring it in the bathroom with you but I personally do not because I deal with a lot of water and for me, too many disastrous things happen very quickly so there is a good chance any book I bring in with me would be destroyed. I have to be prepared for pretty much anything which is why I don’t bring in anything that is not waterproof but if you don’t have to be as careful you could grab your favorite book and read while you wait.

When you have a chronic condition we can only hope everything is going to work out in the way it’s supposed all the time but unfortunately, nothing is perfect and it’s never going to be that way. Most of the time everything will work the way it is supposed but sometimes it won’t and as frustrating there is nothing you can do about it. What helps me through these difficult times is finding ways to distract myself and not getting too angry over something that is out of my control because what will happen is if you are too anxious or stressed it will affect your bodily effect and become even more difficult. I have spent so much time being angry and blaming myself whenever things didn’t workout that it wasn’t the biggest game-changer for me when I started to let it go and think more positively. You can’t change your situation but you can change how you react to it and it all starts with accepting bad days will happen but knowing better days will come. What do you do to pass the time when you are struggling with your health and things take twice as long as they should?

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2 thoughts on “What Can You Do When You’re Stuck In The Bathroom For A Really Long Time?

  1. Cool advice! I don’t have a chronic condition, but I do often get pressure sores from sitting down in my wheelchair too much. I therefore have to take warm baths to help clean and heal my sores, and I usually end up being bored while I spend all that time in the bath. Now I know what to do 🙂


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