How Do I Write A Blog Post?

People often tell me that they want to start a blog but they haven’t because they don’t know how to write one which is kind of ridiculous to say because you can write a blog post however you want. This is such a silly thing to say especially if you are in college and have written any kind of college essay because if you can write a college essay you can write a blog post. Some people may not want to which is fine because I don’t think blogging is for everyone but to say you don’t know how is kind of silly because if you can write a college essay you can write a blog post. When every blogger launches their blog they go through the phase of “what the heck and I doing or how do I write this” but just like everything else in life we figure it out and as we get better our writing styles may change. The hardest part of blogging for me isn’t writing my blog but not knowing who is reading them or if it’s giving any value to anyone’s life. Writing blog posts are not easy by a long shot but it’s a lot easier than people who don’t blog make blog writing sound. If you are thinking about starting a blog but don’t know where to start here are some things you can do to get started with that first post.

Remember it’s not a college essay- When I read a blog post I can always tell the newbies from the veteran bloggers because the newbies are so uptight and try and write all their blog posts like it’s a college essay. I know I was like that when I first started and spent so much time trying to find all the grammatical errors I could until I realized it was too stressful to do that because most of the time people don’t notice when you forget a period. If you want to write your blog posts like it’s a college essay technically there are no rules against it but you have to understand that a blog post isn’t a college essay and people don’t read blog posts expecting a college essay so if you try to write like one know that some readers may get bored and lose interest. Loosen up and show some personality because personable blogs thrive on that and it’s important to check your grammar so your readers understand what your trying to say but okay if you break a few grammar rules for the nature of a blog post. It’s not frowned upon to start blog posts with “hey guys” if that’s your personality because readers want to get to know the real you!

Experiment with different writing styles- There are so many different ways you start a blog post so if you are new you may be confused or overwhelmed with many different writing styles and confused about how to start yours. Every blogger goes through this but instead of contemplating which styles we should use we just pick one we think we would work well and start writing because you’ll never get started thinking about it. If you change your mind six months down the road and decide your writing style isn’t working for you that’s okay you aren’t roped into anything and can always make changes.

Break up your post at much as possible– When your blog is all over the place and has crazy designs it can be difficult for people with visual impairments to track. Try to have larger fonts, break up your post, ditch the crazy designs and stick to solid colors so it’s easier for people who have visual impairments to read your post. If it’s too hard for people with visual impairements to track chances are some people will not even bother with it and will go somewhere else that is more accessible.

Make a list– There are so many different ways you can write a blog post and it doesn’t have to be the standard blog format. If the standard blog format doesn’t really interest you try something shorter like making a list of some of your favorite things. I personally haven’t done this because my blog does better with slightly longer posts but many people do this and have done great with lists! It is recommened you write longer posts to rank higher in Google but blogging success doesn’t really depends on how long or short your posts are because they both can do well and it all comes down to how often you promote it or if you are using the right hastags.

Have fun- One of the biggest mistakes I see many new bloggers make is that they are being two restrictive of their post which is taking the fun out of blogging or they are trying to be someone their not. If you want to get success in blogging you need to have fun doing it and realize that it doesn’t matter how successful someone else is writing about their same topics will not guaranee you will have that same success. You have to like what you do because you are wirting strictly becaause you think that topic will make you money it will show in your blog post and it will be incredibly difficult to stay motivated. For the longest time, I was very restrictive of my posts and changed the name of my blog like three times because I hated the name which affected my SEO(search engine optimization), and if I just would taken some time to enjoy the journey it would have cleared my head putting me in a much better place. Do what you love and if that means writing without a niche then so be it because sometimes you don’t need a niche to be successful!

Writing a college essay is definitely harder than writing a blog post because you don’t have as much flexibility and you just have to write what your professor which sometimes can be difficult when your given a topic you know nothing about but it doesn’t make blog writing easy just different. Some people have no interest in making blogging a career and that is okay because it takes so many hours to turn a blog into a career. Whatever your reasoning is for not starting a blog don’t let it be because you think you can’t write one because if you have ever written a paper you can write a blog post and it’s just a matter of figuring out how your going to present the information and get your reader’s attention. Every blogger goes through this and if you have been wanting to start a blog and are confused of how to start one my biggest tip is don’t try to make everything perfect and just write because as you get better you will notice ways you can improve your blog posts. My first blog post I was literally in tears from the anxiety so I understand the stress and uncertainty of writing your first post but eventually you adapt and figure it out and it become easier for you. Has the confusion of not knowing how to write a blog post prevented you from starting a blog?

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One thought on “How Do I Write A Blog Post?

  1. ‘Break up your blog as much as possible’ I wish that I had known about this when I first started blogging. I would have huge, unforgiving paragraphs full of text. Now I always make sure to make my paragraphs five lines long at the most and to include lots more pictures and headers. ‘The hardest part of blogging for me isn’t writing my blog but not knowing who is reading them or if it’s giving any value to anyone’s life’ You definitley don’t need to worry about this. I may not be much, but know that I’m always reading and that your posts mean a lot to me ❤


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