We are in a election year and we are weeks are away from one the most important decisions of your lives so hopefully you take this seriously and execute that right and are registered to vote! Voting is a great privilege but unfornately get so involved with their politics and get mean and let their political differences get in the way a great friendship they once had. It is totally possible to make a friendship work when you don’t agree on politics because I have many friends where are political views are slightly different but we make work because at the end of the day you have to come to realize what matters most is it having the last word on politics or your keeping your friendships? Keeping your friends during an election is not rocket and hopefully and you can see that it’s not that hard as long as you are able to respect your friends opinion and be okay with disagreeing. If you are strugling to hold your friendships together during this time here are some things you need to do to make sure they don’t completely fall apart.

Remember the reason your friends- One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you when you and your friends have political differences is to remember why you became friends. What is it about that person that made it so you wanted to spend more time with them? Is it their personality or are they just a fun person to be around? Chances are you are not friends because of their political views so don’t let something great get in the way of that. It’s okay to disagree on something but everything doesn’t have to be up for debate especially if it’s driving you away from your friends!

Talk about something else-  It is possible to have a healthy debate but sometimes people get so involved with their politics what would seem like a healthy debate can turn ugly real quick! If you are the type the always feel like you need to have the last word or think you always have to be right then it might be best not to talk about politics. A healthy debate where you each state your opinion on different issues can be healthy but when things turn ugly and you start insulting people is when realtionships fall apart. If you can’t have a friendly debate with your friends without feeling like you have to insult them then talk about anything but politics!

Respect your friend’s opinion- Everyone has different political views and there is nothing wrong with that but you don’t need to make someone feel like a lesser human being because they voted differently than you do. Verbally attacking your friend of their political views is hurtful and may drive you apart and although ending a friendship probably won’t affect you in the heat of the moment it will really upset you after you have cooled down and realize what you have done. Have a friendly discussion, listen, and respect their opinion because there is no reason to hate on someone for something as silly as politics. It’s okay

There are a lot of different views when it comes to politics which is great but what saddens me is when people let it get out of hand and end friendships because of it. Losing friends because of their political views is so stupid so next time you say something hurtful because of someone’s political views you really need to ask yourself “is it worth losing my friends just so I can get my point across? No, it isn’t! Your friends don’t spend time with you because of your political views they like you because of who you are. Don’t you ever forget that because the moment you do is when everything will fall apart! Who cares if you don’t agree with who’s in office but that shouldn’t affect the relationship you have with your friends. Do you have friends with different political views? How do you make it work?