When you have a chronic condition sometimes you will have either one big long scar or many small ones from either the result of a medical condition or lots of surgeries to maintain a condition. Whatever the reason is or if you have one or one-hundred scars it is never easy to have to learn to accept them. I have had twenty plus surgeries to help manage my condition and because I have had so many surgeries I have a lot of scars which has gotten easier to accept with time but in the beginning it was not easy and really messed with my self-confidence. Scars are not a fashion statement and each tell a story with how strong a person is and what they have gone through. Scars can be painful and sometimes the reason for them is nothing anyone wants to talk about and that is okay but you have to learn to accept them and move on. Accepting my scars was not easy but after many years of feeling sorry for myself I realized how important it was to find ways to accept them to truly be happy. If you are struggling with accepting your scars here are some things I have done to accept mine.

Stop staring at it– I see lots of people sit and stare at there scars all day hoping that something miraculous will happen and their scars will just one day disappear. Let me ask you what are you going to gain from sitting around feeling sorry for yourself? Your scars are going to be there no matter how many hours you sit and stare at them so stop staring them because you are only making it harder for yourself to move on! It’s okay to get sad sometimes and wish your scars were gone but eventually you have to get over it and move on and stop feeling sorry for yourself because nobody can live like that and truly be happy. Instead of wallowing in your self pity tell your story behind the scars because you will inspiring people instead of just annoy them with your complaints about life.

Remember your scars doesn’t define your beauty- Sometimes when you have so many scars it can mess with your head and make you think your not beautiful because let’s face it scars are anything but attractive. You need to rememeber that may have no choice but to live with these scars but don’t let anyone tell you your ugly because they are wrong and it’s simply not true. Your beauty is within you and your beautiful just the way you are and your scars don’t make you anymore or less beautiful but are just something some of us are forced to live with.

Wear clothes you feel confident in-  People can be rude especially if they see something that see something that they have never see before. Sometimes people are nice about it and may poltely ask you what something is but most of the time people are just rude and point and laugh without knowing the facts. Since a lot of people can be rude and get into your buisness sometimes disabled people with a lot of scars can become uncomfortable when wearing certain things because our scars can become exposed. If you are wearing something that is making you uncomfortable then you don’t have to wear it because there are always other alternatives! There are lots of clothes like crop tops that I may be able to get away with but I don’t like to wear them because it makes me uncomfortable and I am always afraid of my scars showing! The anxiety isn’t worth it to me because there are always other things I can choose that won’t make me anxious.

It took me a while to learn to accept my scars but once I did and stopped staring at them everyday reminding myself how ugly they were that is when everything changed. Scars are ugly but they are not a fashion statement and sometimes surgeries are necessary so you have no choice but to have a scar or two. It can difficult to accept at first but you have to try because you will never find beauty in yourself if you sit around feeling sorry for yoursef wishing you didn’t have them because you do and there is no changing that. You are only making it harder on yourself when you choose not to accept your scars because you can never truly be happy without acceptance. It’s okay if you don’t love everything about your scars I know I don’t and acceptance only means you are content with them and can find beauty in yourself. Find what works for you and accept your scars but don’t drown in your self-pity because that will get you nowhere in life! How have you learned to accept your scars?