When you have chronic pain you will have good days when you feel like you can do everything and bad days where you feel like you have no energy and just want to take a nap. Sometimes if you don’t really have much going on that day you just accept it’s not a good day and sleep it off but other days you just have to push through because you have a full day ahead of you. Pain can suck any little energy you may have had right out of you and there is nothing more frustrating than thinking you’re going to be super productive and out of nowhere plans change because you don’t have energy since your pain is too high. There is nothing you can do to get your energy back on high pain days but there are some things that may help improve your energy just a little bit. In this post I am going to talk about things I do to slightly improve my energy on high pain days so I am not totally unproductive.

Drink matcha green tea instead of coffee- I am a huge coffee drinker and will never totally give up it but I have heard so many people rave about matcha green tea and how good it was for you so I figured what’s the harm in trying it? I have been struggling with sleep for the last couple of months and have had some serious insomnia so I was skeptical at first with how a tea could give you more energy but was surprised with how much it did. Why is matcha green tea so much better for you than just standard green tea? Green tea uses tea bags that you soak in water while matcha uses a powder so you are literally consuming the whole leaf not just part of it. Matcha still has some caffeine but there is less than a cup of coffee and it goes into your body slower so you won’t get caffeine jitters like you do with coffee. The first time I had matcha was from Starbucks so I bought some thinking I loved it only to find out that it’s an acquired taste that some people don’t like and is kind of disgusting. Starbucks uses a ton of sweeteners in their matcha green tea so of course it’s going to taste much better than what you would buy on Amazon but it’s not real matcha and won’t give you any health benefits! Matcha can help support a healthy immune system if your drinking the real thing but please remember that matcha alone isn’t what builds a stronger immune system but that is done through healthy eating and exercising if you can.

Take a hot bath- When you have high pain your entire body hurts which is using all your energy to fight that pain and that only way you have any chance at getting some of that energy back is to try and lower your pain. I get a lot of muscles pain on how pain days so what I do is I take a hot bath and just put in a little bit of better oil to help relax my muscles. Now always will hot water work miraces and sometimes it will have no effect on you but in my experience that can happen for pretty much anything you do so it can never hurt to try because what’s the harm?

Diffuse peppermint oil- There are some day I wake up feeling pretty good and other days it feels like I had ten drinks and am having a hangover from drinking too much. When this happens I have no energy to do anything but can’t sleep because all that is on my mind is pain management. Peppermint oil doesn’t always relieve pain that is super high but sometimes when energy is super low it can help me become more alert which is usually all I use for it. I also use pepppermint oil for other things like stomach aches because in my experience it works much faster than most medications I have tried and I usually get some relief within a hour.

Hydrate- People often overlook the power of drinking water and don’t drink enough without realizing how much it can have an effect on your energy level. Whenever I don’t drink enough water I feel incredibly tired and not really motivated to do anything except take a nap! I used to be that person that only drank water whenever I was in dire need of it until realized how much water play a important role in your health and if you have headache or migraine disorder it’s even more important because it can prevent attacks. If you have trouble remembering to drink water what I did for a while before it became automatic is I set timers every couple of hours to remind myself.

Don’t skip meals- Having a regular meal schedule seems like it would be common sense but apparently, it’s not because so many people skip meals and say they forgot. I know people with and without chronic conditions that skip meals but it’s not rocket science and will always be tired until you make a change and properly fuel your body. No one should skip meals and saying you forgot is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard because there are ways you can remind yourself such as setting a timer. I used to skip a lot of meals because I didn’t get very hungry until I was really hungry so I started setting a timer to help regulate my meals schedules and at first it was annoying but eventually I got used to it and now it’s automatic and I don’t need it. Skipping meals can trigger more pain so don’t skip them because food is fuel and if you don’t eat enough foods that give you energy it will make you feel lazy and tired not wanting to do anything at all.

Move your body- If you have chronic pain I can totally sympathize with chronic pain sufferers who don’t go to the gym because they are too anxious of triggering pain or can’t. Sitting at your computer all day or laying in bed can make anyone feel slugglish so get up and just walk around because you don’t have to do a set workout to incorporate movement. Sometimes lack of movement is what triggers pain so if you can’t do even a low intensity routine then just get up and walk around your house for a couple mintutes or do some stretches because that is what will help you feel more confident and refreshed.

Get some sun-  Unless I am having a high pain day and just want to sit in the dark sometimes I open my blinds and get some sunlight. Sunlighlight almost instantly changes my mood so I feel happier and want to take on the rest of my day because when it’s dark I just feel depressed and don’t really want to do anything except wallow in all my problems. I don’t always go outside because I don’t always want to but if I am struggling a little bit with focusing going outside can help me feel inspired and I get some writing done that I may not have gotten to if I stayed in. As a blogger sometimes I feel inspired to writes while other days it feels like a drag until realized the solution is quite simple that many of us overthink but all you have to do to feel more energized is change where you write. Even if it’s just a different room in your house the change in scenery can really help improve your energy because often when you spend so much time writing you get bored and need something else to look at.

Build a postive community– As a blogger and disability advocate, I am constantly following new people and talking to people all over the world like we are BFF’s and have known each other forever. Most of my followers I legitimately think of as friends because they are very kind and I have a relationship with them but unfortunately not everyone is kind and will do whatever it takes to take you down if you’re more popular. We just have to be respectful so we don’t put out the wrong image even if they don’t deserve your kindness and everything in us wants to tell that person off. I love being a blogger but it’s not all fun and games and sometimes it can be mentally draining especially when there is so much negativity that you can’t possibly avoid but just have to put up with and try to ignore it. My social media is mostly filled with positive people that cheer me on and motivate me to create more content which is why I don’t really have difficulty motivating myself to write because my readers inpsire me. Who you follow on social media matters and if you are following people that are making constant digs at your content you won’t be motivated to keep creating. Find your tribe because the people you surround yourself with will have a big impact on you mood and how you feel and talk about yourself.

Get some sleep- I totally understand that sleep and chronic pain is a hit or miss but even though it is more difficult you still don’t want to give up on it and try to get a good night’s rest. Try and go to bed early to increase the liklihood of getting eight hours of sleep and stop-pulling all-nighters because deprivation will for sure make you feel lethargic not wanting to do anything and when you don’t get enough sleep you will have more pain.

When you are having high pain day one of the most frustrating things that chronic pain sufferers have to learn to cope with is low energy levels. Many non-sufferers don’t even notice how much pain massively affects energy levels because they are judging based on what they see without thinking for a second that there could be more which isn’t so obvious. You can’t just sleep it off because sometimes your body won’t let you sleep and it doesn’t matter how many hours you were sleeping it usually isn’t any better when you wake up. Chronic pain is unpredictable and frustrating because you can feel fine today but tomorrow unable to get out of bed. You don’t always understand why you had high pain yesterday and not today but you don’t ask questions and enjoy the good days because for some that is not many. Do you struggle with keeping your energy because of chronic pain? How do you maintain your energy levels?

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