When I was in high school I drank more coffee than I did water that I didn’t really see a problem with until it started affecting my health and I was forced to reduce my intake. During that time I was drinking around seven to eight cups a day during the school day and after school for a snack. When I was in class and ran out of coffee I would ask my teacher for water but wouldn’t be getting water but going back to the physically impaired classroom to get more coffee which some of my teachers knew I was doing but they never complained about it. All my friends knew I had a serious caffeine problem and some of my teachers suspected I had one but no one knew how to help break me of this habit. My friends were more aware of my coffee addiction than my teachers were because they were around me more which made them even more worried since they saw first hand the unhealthy amounts of coffee I was consuming and taking no actions to try and reduce it until I started having daily heart palpitation and had no choice. It wasn’t easy breaking myself of this habit because I literally drank coffee like it was water but I found balance that where I still can enjoy coffee. In this post, I am going to share how I kicked my caffeine addiction without totally giving up caffeine.

Distract Yourself-When I am bored or depressed one of the things I noticed I sometimes do is either eat or drink tons of coffee. Both of these things are terrible habits that needed to be broken. When I find myself wanted coffee for no reason at all sometimes all I have to do is entertain myself because usually, I am not needing coffee and just bored so as so, as soon as I am doing something to preoccupy myself I forget about and don’t really want it anymore. 

Don’t go cold turkey- If you have been wanting to quit coffee and can do so cold turkey then there is no problem with that. The reason I am not a fan of this method is because I love coffee so much I don’t think I would be successful doing it this way and when you drink it regularly your body becomes dependent so when suddenly it will give you terrible caffeine headaches. If you want to completely cut caffeine out of your diet that’s fine but to avoid caffeine headaches don’t go cold turkey to do it and slowly start to reduce the amount of caffeine you have. This will help get your body less dependent on caffeine so you can avoid caffeine headaches. If you do it all at once your body will eventually get used to not having caffeine but you will have terrible headaches for probably days which will most likely affect your ability to do things.

Drink ice water in the morning-  When you drink a big glass of ice water within thirty minutes of waking up it will shock your body giving you the same alertness as a cup of coffee. If have been wanting to go cold turkey but have been hesitant drinking ice water in the morning is the perfect solution but make sure you do it as soon as you wake up because if you wait too long after you wake up this method won’t work. 

Drink tea– I still love my daily cup of coffee and have no intentions of trying to get rid of that and would fail miserably if I tried but also I drink tea when I want a energy boost with less caffeine. If you drink tea that have higher amounts of caffeine like matcha or black tea it will still give you the energy you need to get through your long work day but without the caffeine jitter you sometimes get from coffee. I like having coffee in the morning but later in the day I like tea because it will give you health benefits that coffee will not give you so it’s beneficial to drink both in moderation if you can.

Try decaf-  When I first was trying to kick my caffeine I thought in order to do that I had to totally give up caffeine for that to happen until I came to the realization you don’t and just have to be honest with yourself. The first thing I tried when attempting to kick my caffeine addiction was decaf coffee but it didn’t take long for me to figure out that I actually think decaf coffee is disgusting.. The first time I bought decaf coffee was from Starbucks and I nearly spit out so I never will buy it again. I love Starbucks and always order my coffee from them but I do not like decaf coffee so I will never get it ever again. Some people like decaf coffee so if you considering giving up caffeine and still want that daily cup of coffee without caffeine decaf coffee is worth a try. I just didn’t like it and maybe it was the way I was making it or the brand I bought but I will never buy it againg becuse I have terrible memories of how horrible it tasted.

If you saw how bad my coffee addiction was back then you would know it is pretty remarkable that I can still drink coffee in moderation. It doesn’t matter whether your coffee addition was yesterday or ten years ago these challenges will always be with you and we just learn to cope with them. There are days when I am feeling sad and I just want to drink ten cups of coffee which I probably could with minimal effects so I always have to ask myself is it worth it. It only takes minutes to start a bad habit and years to make a good one andit’s never worth it to throw in the towel and ruin any progress you made because you were sad for a few minutes. Walk away and stay out of the kitchen because making rash decisions when you aren’t thinking clearly that ruin years of progress will only make you really upset after you realize what you’ve done. You don’t have to give up coffee if you love it because there is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee every day and I don’t think you should but just be honest with yourself and set some realistic expectations because you will fail if you are setting standards that are too high and make you feel deprived. Have you overcome a caffeine addiction? How did you break the habit?

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